Donnie Edwards being shopped by SD.....

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by jgb95, Apr 12, 2006.

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    A league source tells us that the San Diego Chargers currently are shopping three veteran players -- safety Hanik Milligan, cornerback Sammy Davis, and linebacker Donnie Edwards.

    Edwards is under contract through 2007, and he's scheduled to make $3.55 million in 2006. Davis' deal runs through 2009, with relatively manageable salaries. Milligan is scheduled to earn $460,000 in 2006, the final year of his rookie deal.

    Milligan made it to the 2005 Pro Bowl as a special-teamer, and word is that he's staying away from voluntary workouts in an effort to get a new contract. The efforts to move Edwards and Davis could be a precursor to a post-June 1 release of either or both of them.
  2. R_T26

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    also the Lions may dump Rodgers.
  3. c_nice_37

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    Saban is gonna trade the farm.

    I'd love to see Edwards here.
  4. tkayo

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    Absolutely. Edwards is a very good player.

    Very interesting that the Chargers will now be getting rid of four of the most appreciated players in recent team history. And Seau and Edwards were home town players. Harrison was only slightly less popular with the fans than Seau. More interesting is that Edwards is Marty's guy, who brought him over from KC. So there might be a little more to that story of a problem between Marty and AJ.
  5. BelichickFan

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    Edwards is awfully productive but is listed at 227. If that's his real weight, he probably won't be coming to the Patriots.
  6. R_T26

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    Keep in mid that Edwards has played in a 3-4, and in "Patriot Reign" Holley mentions that 4 of the players that BB was willing to trade up in the 1st for were:

    Dunta Robinson
    DeAngelo Hall
    John Vilma ( whose also a light ILB)
  7. mgcolby

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    I would love to see Edwards here. To bad they aren't shopping Merrimen, that man is a beast.
  8. MrTibbs

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    Too good to be true.....................there is no way in h@ll the Patriots can miss out on this guy. His stats are unreal.................take a look at these. Keep in mind also the guy has only missed 1 game in his entire career.
  9. JR4

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    He's on the Old side at 33. For a team trying to get yourger at this position this
    does not seem like the move to make.
  10. desi-patsfan

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    what do you think it would take to get him?
  11. Alk

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    3rd. rounder? Maybe a 4th? At his size, I would be hesitant to bring him in but as I recall, he's played in a 3-4 defense for part of his career and was very successful.
  12. drpatriot

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    I'd rather wait until he gets cut on June 1st. He won't be traded.
  13. tombonneau

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    Since when has BB liked youth at the LB position? He historically prefers older savvy vets. Donnie fits the bill (no pun intended).

    I could easily see giving a 4th for him and having him produce solidly for the Pats for 2-3 yrs.

    I'm telling you, BB's vision of the LBing corp is to have a perpetually turned over crop of 30-35 yo LBs. Just keep shuffling in a few new ones every couple years.
  14. Flying Fungi

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    I wholeheartedly agree.
  15. Burgess

    Burgess Rookie

    I'm with you. I would imagine the idea of getting older and more expensive at LB probably isn't what the Pats are thinking. Younger and more expensive maybe. Younger and less expensive for sure.

    But then again they do still have some room even with Seymour's signing and if a reasonable short deal could be worked out...I mean Harrison was supposed to be too old too.
  16. DaBruinz

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    Sammy Davis has been traded for Rashaun Woods.
  17. BelichickFan

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    Rashaun Woods ? Ick - of course I was one who wanted him over Watson during that draft :eek:
  18. PatsFanInVa

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    I would be ecstatic to see the Pats swoop in on Edwards... you have to wonder whether they plan on Branch, the rookies, and pure value choices, plus up-front bonuses to snuff the future cap hits on Sey and Branch.

    But this is becoming a fun off-season!

  19. Burgess

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    Except the evidence doesn't seem to back this up. He inherited McGinest, Johnson, and Bruschi. He did sign Vrabel and Brown as 30 year olds but he also signed Colvin and Beisel who were in their mid 20's. He tried to convert Klecko. He has tried to develop Banta-Cain and Claridge.

    It's a fallacy that he likes old LBs. He just likes smart LBs with a certain skill set that fits his schemes. I don't think he really cares how old or young they are.
  20. tombonneau

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    BB values experience at LB. Whether you want to call that "smart" or "veteran" or "old" is just a matter of semantics.

    He has clearly shown an aversion to drafting & playing "green" LBs. Even brining in Colvin & Beisel, who are the youngeset guys he was after, he came after them after their when they hit FA in their 4th or 5th years. And those are the only guys in his 20s I think he has ever gone after.

    And his utter lack of drafting LBs (what has he taken, like 3, despite everyone always clammoring we need "youth") shoudl tell you all he needs to know about his wanting experienced LBs.

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