Does BB view Darius Butler as an inverse of Troy Brown?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, May 12, 2009.

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    I think we will see Butler starting early in the season as a DB and probably taking over former Patriot Ellis Hobbs's duties on STs as a returner but WR I think is not in the plans this year unless the injury bug happens but when you think of this you might say that the article is accurate in thinking BB saw Butler as a Troy Brown before selecting him.

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  2. Sicilian

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    One of the reasons Brown had to be used as a DB is because of the rash of injuries we suffered that season. We seem to have better luck with our wideouts, so my guess is we'll rarely have to use any DB to play receiver. If we do, I'm guessing Slater or Ventrone would come in first, assuming both make the team.
  3. TheBaronPatriot

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    One of BBs favorite words...
    Nothing new there.
    Kid can play WR.
    That's a plus.

    In a pinch, I'm sure he would put him in and I wouldn't be surprised if they worked him out there for a practice so if the need ever arises he's not 100% lost, more like ... 60% lost.
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    It's fairly common in college for the best athlete at positions with similar skill sets will play on both sides of the ball. I certainly don't think that a college prospect would be held in the same light as Troy Brown. I think that Butler is a much better athlete than Brown, but Brown was one of the best overall football players in the NFL in the last decade.
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    I'm of the opinion that Welker is Brown-like. Actually, I think of him as a cross between Brown and Tim Dwight. Conversely, Butler I was thinking could be more like Deion Sanders when he could play both sides of the ball in his prime.

    I think the Patriots could use Butler at receiver whenever the team is in the red zone on third downs in a spread offense.
  6. JoeSixPat

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    Ognib! He's got Ognib!!!
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    I'm currently a student at UConn so I've been ecstatic to see DB get drafted by the Pats and have had the pleasure of watching him play college ball. I think he'll be brought in right away in nickel packages and I could see him starting at CB by midseason. His athleticism and cover skills will allow him to get reps right away, he'll fit right in once he learns the system. If he can put on some weight and improve his tackling he has the potential to be scary good.

    He's really a "do it all" type of player, exactly what fits BB's system and I really like the Troy Brown comparison. I could see him returning kicks this year, the kid is lethal in open space.

    As for offense, I wouldn't look into that too far. Butler caught 8 passes last year in an abysmal one dimensional offense that was desperate for a playmaker in addition to Donald Brown. He's one of those kids that you just want to get the ball and give him room to make a play but I can't see that translating to the NFL game since he won't be able to get away on speed and athleticism alone...although it would be fun to see BB bring him in for some trick plays :). But this kid is a hell of a player, an absolute steal at #41 and I think he will make Pats fans very happy.
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