Dillon probably NOT going to Jets

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    This might be old news on the board but with so many threads, it's easy to miss some. Sorry if it is.

    Jets | Jets will probably pass on Dillon
    Sun, 4 Mar 2007 10:55:08 -0800

    Tom Rock, of Newsday, reports unrestricted free-agent RB Corey Dillon (Patriots) said he wants to be an every-down back in 2007. The New York Jets are committed to their committee concept, which would make him an unlikely fit for the team.
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    To me best case scenerio is Dillon going to Baltimore or Detroit...They could probably use a bigger type RB for every down play than most teams I can think of...Minnesota and Tampa Bay possibly also in the mix.
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    I think they are using old quotes because I heard the agent softened Dillons stance and said while he wants more carries he doesnt expect to be a 20 carry a game back ne more. so IMO this is worthless.

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