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Cleveland fan group meeting for all games this season

Discussion in 'Ohio Patriots Fans' started by patrickscribe, Aug 17, 2011.

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    Boston Sports Fans of Cleveland, which also gathers for Red Sox games and games of other Boston-area teams, will be meeting for all the Patriots games this fall. We'll start with the Monday Night opener against the Dolphins at the Winking Lizard off Rockside Rd. in Independence.

    Check for us on Meetup and on Facebook since our location will move around from game to game.

    Our group was full of Eastsiders last year, but we want Westsiders involved too. Independence is the central point we use as the base, but if a given Meetup is only Eastsiders we will use Coventry Rd. in Cleveland Heights or a couple locations on Mayfield Rd. closer to 271. In the past, when we had a couple Westsiders, we met in Lakewood sometimes. We'll move to accomodate new fan friends as needed.

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