Can someone explain this to me?!?!?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by RyeMan, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. RyeMan

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    Jerome Harrison (RB) Washington St. 5-9 3/4 - 201lbs
    NFL Combine Stats: 40-yard dash - 4.47, 225 bench press - 19 reps, vertical jump - 34.5"

    Led all college RBs w/ 1,900 yards and 16 touchdowns

    10/01 against Oregon - 31 att / 124yds 3TD
    10/15 against UCLA - 34 att / 260yds 2TD 3catches
    10/29 against USC - 21 att / 147yds 1TD
    11/05 against Arizona St. - 38 att /240yds 2TD 4catches

    His 1yr at Washington St he had 7 - 100+ yd games, and 4 - 200+ yd games!

    Here is what is blowing my mind...

    Pretty much all the scouts are saying that he isn't as good as his numbers suggest!!!

    Are you kidding me?!?! Who else was a threat to the opposing defenses on that entire team!?! Every opposing defense had to do 1 thing....stop this kid from running, and they couldn't!

    I think some team is going to take him in the 3rd round, and everyone else in the league will be wishing they had...
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  2. spacecrime

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    I don't know anything in particular aobut this guy, but I know that in general some RBs and QBs who excel in college have styles and attributes and techniques that do not translate to success in hte pros.

    What these are I have no idea, but obviously the scouts/personnel men do because generally they are in agreement which are likely to make it (Vick, say) and which will not (Randle El, say).

    I think that deciding which player is the best solely from looking at stats is not a good selection process.

  3. Pats726

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    He may be a good pick in 3rd 4th round...the problem?? Fumbles..and he will never be an inside runner due to his lack of bulk..but as a possible returner and/or Faulk 3rd down back?? Absolutely!!
  4. p8ryts

    p8ryts Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I thought he looked pretty good

    I saw him in a couple of games and I could see him as a 2nd or 3rd round pick up if we don't go RB in round 1.
  5. dryheat44

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    I think he's the best back nobody talks about. He's definitely on my watch list.
  6. Short answer...snowball.....if they dont get the hype.....they dont rise in the draft.....all these draft analysts are are basically monkeys with darts.....they know so much to know nothing...bust after bust and their credibility is not hurt...they are basically if you say hes great and mel kiper says he sucks...well atleast you have the stats backing you up
  7. Remix 6

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    ive watched him play a little..hes a smaller shiftier block..he relies on speed ..more of a 3rd down back possibly but he wont go in first 3 rounds. hes a 5th rounder who will have to add weight..get stronger and learn because hes not very polished and needs to learn to follow and read blocks better and hasnt played too much college ball
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  8. RyeMan

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    I can see that he needs to put on 10lbs, but that wouldn't be hard for him in a season behind Dillon.

    Other than that, the kid can catch, run and return. He is very shifty, and has very good vision from what I am reading.

    The biggest 2 reasons he isn't being projected as a day 1 pick is his size, and that he only played 1 year at Washington St.!

    He seems to have the makings of a Pats player - Overachiever, has had to scratch and claw his way to opportunities, has a chip on his shoulder after leading everyone in rushing last year and being cast aside by the draftniks.
  9. PATRIOTS-80

    PATRIOTS-80 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    As a Washington State Fan, I have watched him extensively. He's not just a speed back who can stop on a dime, he has unbelieveable patience at hitting holes (I'm talking Shaun Alexander like patience). So much so that at the start of the season in camp, the WSU coaches at first wanted him to hit holes faster until later on in camp when they realized that the guy really has the vision to wait for the blocks to developed. His OL wasn't the best nor the worst, the QB was a first year starter, so basically Harrison had to play against an 8 man front all year. And he still beat out Reggie Bush. And Maurice Drew (who are both in the same conference). If he had 25 more pounds, everyone would have him pegged as a 1st rounder.

    He's a cannot go wrong pick because at the worst you have a PR/KR back who can be a change of pace. The best I could describe him is as Kevin Faulk.
    In the 4th round, he'd be a unbelievable steal.
  10. Pats726

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    I would think a good pick..Day 2...
  11. Brady'sButtBoy

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    The next Tiki Barber?????
  12. PATRIOTS-80

    PATRIOTS-80 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

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  13. Feep_FLA

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    I'll make it clean sweep and say: "He's our boy!" Sounds good to me but I am not a draft guru and watch about 0% college football. Let's keep this quiet OK...... :rocker:

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