Brady pulls a cool move

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Flying Fungi, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Flying Fungi

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    Searched and doesn't appear to be posted yet--this was brought to my attention by a VT alum and cousin of mine:

    Look down the page for the 9/3 entry...

  2. Box_O_Rocks

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  3. Flying Fungi

    Flying Fungi In the Starting Line-Up

  4. SJNez46

    SJNez46 Rookie

    cool, thanks for posting it
  5. sarge

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    Apprently he turned off the Michigan game early!
  6. Box_O_Rocks

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    :rofl: Heh kid, if I give you 50 cents will you scram while I find out? :rofl:
  7. LaBrady

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    I guess Brady's call was more related to events of April 16th because I don't think Glennon's play alone deserves anything, he is just a horrible qb :mad:

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