Brady - projected numbers for 2006

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  1. cstjohn17

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    See attached .jpg

    • This guy is a pro, scary how consistent he is.
    • 2000 and 2001 were thrown out, the focus is on the years he was the opening day starter.

    • on pace to set highs for touchdowns
    • will surpass 3600 yards for the 5th straight year

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  2. BradyManny

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    Great post, interesting numbers but not surprising. Brady seemingly has a crap 4 INT type game every season, having already gotten that out of the way, we can assume that with 6 more games to add to the stats, his numbers will get even more consistent.
  3. drew4008

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    Under 60% completion percentage hurts though.
  4. Hok

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    I think it's a good bet that he'll be up over 60% by over year's end.
  5. Brownfan80

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    The percentage has been steadily climbing all season long. Take out the crappy Indy game and he's probably above 60%.

    Considering the facts of the WR position this season (80% turnover, 85 year old holdover, 5th round trade, scrap heap reject, 2nd Rounder Rookie, Street FA, No TC except for two of the WR, etc etc blah blah), you have to say that Brady's stats are ultra-impressive.

    He's headed, statistically (reality may prove more conservative), for his highest TD total ever. He's headed for close to his normal completion percentage. He's headed for no more than his normal number of INTs. He's headed for his 'average' number of yards.

    I'm not sure that any other QB in the league, Sir Manning included, could do this in a year where they lost everybody but their #3 WR and replaced them with 0 bluechip players.
  6. Drewwho

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    This post is outrageous. Don't you know that fans would rather bash Brady than give him any credit???

    How many posts did you see about Brady after a 4 TD performance in GB? I would say after this However, the Brady bashing threads after a loss are plenty.

    So please take your Brady is having a good year just look at the stats crap..blah, blah, blah -out of here. We all can't wait for his next implosion to bash that losing SOB!
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  7. cstjohn17

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    Re: Brady - projected numbers for 2006 (Updated 12-18)

    I re-ran the projection after 14 games, still nothing to complain about but his numbers are trending down. As it stands now this is his worst year statistical season.

    The projection for November 21 is at the start of this thread, the numbers have trended down. Throwing the numbers out I think he is playing better now, the Miami game really hurt but the field turf has seemed to improve his accuracy.


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