Are we the Redskins?

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  1. Wow! Now Stallworth is a done deal (Adam Schefter per Sirius radio NFL) I love most of the moves thus far, except the compensation for Welker and I'm leery about Stallworth. After the dust settles I have to see what this means to our cap. You can't buy a ring. The Redskins proved that. Just a little nervous considering we won 3 super bowls being more frugal and staying flexible.
  2. PATRIOTS-80

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    No. We are the Patriots. We wear dark blue uniforms at home -- they wear dark red ones at home. :D

    BTW, did you just now hear it on the radio?
  3. ice

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    And again we heard it here first
  4. Fixit

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    We spend to the cap every year. We're not frugal, but we spend our money far more intelligently and for greater return than Snyder could ever dream of.
  5. salty

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    No, and here's why: The Redskins sign any big name free agent they can get their hands on, believing that pure talent alone will automatically make them better. The Pats are not only much better at assessing talent, they also only sign guys WHO FIT THE TEAM PHILOSOPHY AND THE SYSTEM! A.D. is a perfect fit for this team, Wes Welker is a perfect fit for this team, Morris is a perfect fit for this team, and Kyle Brady is a perfect fit for this team.

    But I'm not so sure Stallworth is. Thats why I'm still on the fence over him, even though the thought of a legitimate deep threat does make me salivate.
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  6. salty

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    Turns out it was wrong, though. :)
  7. shirtsleeve

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    Amen, Brother Salty!

    Stallworth gives me the creeps. I sense a real cancer there, though not Moss level 4th stage lung cancer. Hopefully the offer he did/did not sign is laden heavier than a Grand Canyon mule with incentives.
  8. Stallworth gives me the creeps too! He has never had a season over 1,000 yards or more than 7 TD's His BEST year was the one before last. He gained 945 yds. and had 7 TD's. Not exactly eye popping. Last year he had a very impressive Yards per catch. A little over 18 I believe but only like 700 + yards and 5 TD's. If we sign him I hope it's not for a ton of money or it includes plenty of performance bonuses!
  9. salty

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    Yes, I agree. I'd actually be pretty happy with them signing Stallworth if it were a low-risk contract that the Pats could get out of relatively easily, if necessary. Were they to sign him to a contract with a fair amount of guaranteed money, I would be worried until he made it through the entire 2007 season without causing a problem.
  10. TomBrady'sGoat

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    the Skins sign good-but-not-great guys to big deals every year with little thought to the cap.

    so far this year NE has signed a great player to a big deal (Thomas), a good player to a medium deal (Welker), and two role guys to lesser deals (Brady and Morris). They preceded this with 2 years of frugal cap spending where they took on cap hits in order to free up cap space in future seasons. On top of this, one year does not make a trend.

    I don't see a reason to chime in on Stallworth until we know details. Who knows how he would change things.

    C'mon, other team's fans (and the mediots) are going to be spewing this crap for the rest of the year. I'd hope pats fans can offer up a little more perspective and rationality.
  11. Yankees/Colts

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    The Pats are desperate - a lot of money spent for mediocre-to-good players. I wouldn't even call Adalius Thomas a great player.
  12. Fixit

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    Downplaying the Thomas signing is pure idiocy.
  13. pats1

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    If Adalius Thomas isn't a great player, then the Colts didn't win the Super Bowl last season.
  14. Yankees/Colts

    Yankees/Colts Banned

    Great = one of the best players in the league, perennial pro-bowler, HOFer
  15. shirtsleeve

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    :trolls: Mods! Please confine this clown to the visitors locker room!!!:mad:

    Oh, yeah, at least the troll understands the reason for the ring, according to his own sig.....
  16. homerpatsfan

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    redskins are desperate, we fill needs.:eek:
  17. homerpatsfan

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    the pats thats funny:singing:
  18. Yankees/Colts

    Yankees/Colts Banned

    How else would you describe this 180 from the way they won 3 Super Bowls and their rumored interest in Randy Moss?
  19. AirForcePatFan

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    I would like to see you say that after we whoop the freaking Colts back to Indy this year. :)
  20. Yankees/Colts

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    We will already be in Indy. :) The Pats come to Indianapolis the next 3 years.

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