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Al Davis to fire Cable

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by FreeTedWilliams, Jan 4, 2010.

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    Report: Raiders likely to fire Tom Cable | ProFootballTalk.com

    This line bodes well for the Pats getting a high pick from the Raiders next year.....

    The big issue for the Raiders centers around JaMarcus Russell, whom Davis has continued to support as a franchise quarterback of the future. Cable has hinted that he'd rather have someone else at quarterback, and that may make Davis decide he wants someone else at coach.
  2. MagnumPI5

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    I thought that I would resurrect this rather short-lived (and unappreciated) thread, as there continues to be talk about the Raiders head coaching position. Obviously, this impacts us in regards to having their 1st rounder in 2011. As such, do you think that it would be more advantageous, from our pov, to have Cable stay or for him to be replaced? Of course the list of potential candidates is an important variable in your evaluation of this situation. Jim Harbaugh, Marc Trestman, Jim Fassell, Hue Jackson (also rumored to be a potential OC candidate, rather than HC), and Mike Leach are some of the names floating around.
    A new coach brings a tabula rasa approach, which could create complications and painful growing pains (resulting in a poor W-L record) or could infuse energy and a different approach to maximize the talents of a team with some good players (resulting in a respectable/good W-L record).
    Another line of thinking, perhaps, is that none of this matters, that whoever is the Raiders coach is essentially superfluous, because Al Davis is the master, delusional puppeteer. To wit, if Al wants Russel to start, it doesn't matter how great of a coach you have, he is doomed.
    What are your thoughts?
  3. Metaphors

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    I don't really think it matters if Cable is fired or coaches throughout 2010. Cable doesn't have the structure or key talent (outside of Asomugha) in place to make a major jump next year. A new coach would likely take a year to get that structure and "their guys" in place.

    The part I worry about is Cable starting the year and then getting fired. New coach comes in (maybe at a weak point in the schedule) and injects enough energy to steal some wins...before the structure/talent/schedule snaps them back to reality.

    I am really looking forward to the Pats having a high (hopefully top 5) pick in 2011. In what may be a shallow draft, there will likely be studs at some key positions. Locker and Mallett at QB (in case the Pats want to trade down). 5 exceptional wideouts (Moss replacement). Ingram at RB. One of the best CB prospects I've seen in a while in Peterson. A top 5 pick would almost guarantee the Pats a playmaker at a position of need or a mint in a trade with a QB-hungry team.

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