Adam Timmerman = Pat's Kind of Vet

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Brady'sButtBoy, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Brady'sButtBoy

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    Boy, if he came at a reasonable price, I bet this veteran guard be a fine addition to our O-line. Despite being 35, he's a tough guy (just had a string of over 200+ starts broken) and a former Pro-Bowler who might want another crack at a ring - he got one one with St. Louis. He'd add some stability to the line while helping school some of the youngsters. I'm not saying he should start ahead of Neal, but he'd be a heck of dude to rotate in or cover for injuries. Most likely he'll get dumb money from another team, so the chance of him coming to NE is pretty slim. I can wish though...
  2. mikiemo83

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    No Thanks - Neal is a beast and getting better who signed a deal

    Timmerman is aged and worn down
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  3. marty

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    You lost me at 35......:cool:
  4. Jimke

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    Why change something that ain't broke?
  5. tatepatsfan

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    I don't think he is suggesting that we sign Timmerman to take Neal's spot, but rather as some veteran experience to rotate in and out at both G positions. If this were the case, I think it's a pretty good idea, but I'd never want him to take Neal's spot away.
  6. Alk

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    Sounds like the perfect TC retiree candidate.
  7. mikiemo83

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    we signed Hochstein to a deal for interior line play - he is pretty good - Timmerman is most likely looking for money and that position is pretty well spent on

    and the Pats have a couple of extra tackles, one of which will be traded during camp for an extra pick next year - I say Kazcur goes August 15th to a NFC team with O'Callahan starting and Dante training a replacement during camp by teaching him how to cuss

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