A Fourth Super Bowl Title Would Mean Everything

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    This time I really mean it.

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    Gotta take issue with you on a few things...

    First of all, what are you letting your kids watch Mr. Rogers Neighborhood for? Isn't that the TV equivilent of Horse Tranquilizers? I'd be worried of that causing some long term harm to my kids - or at the very least giving them a warped view of what the real world is like (quite simply kids, the real world IS warped!)

    Second of all - what's your problem with Petty as a half time act? I'm stoked for that! Sure, a wardrobe malfunction would leave me in need of therapy, but as long as its not lip synced it could be pretty good.

    What's your idea of a good halftime act? Seeing as you're making your kids watch Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, I'm guessing you're disappointed its not "Up With People"!

    Now on the Priest Holmes jersey - we'll just have to agree to disagree. I don't think any men over the age of 17 should wear the named jerseys of any other men. When I see such people in a crowd wearing, say a Tom Brady jersey, I yell out "Tom! Hey Tom! Tom Brady!!!!" until they turn around - at which point I dejectedly say "Heyyyy -you're not Tom Brady!"

    This works with other players' jerseys too.

    That being said, I'm looking forward to buying and wearing the jersey of player # 07, who goes by the name of "Perfect". That I can get behind.

    And on the point of your article - which I always enjoy... I disagree that the 4th Super Bowl makes a difference in the view of the Dynasty.

    The fact that it's a Super Bowl has become almost incidental. It's all about the Perfect Season and Football Immortality. Another Super Bowl Ring or Lombardi Trophy itself means nothing... they could hand out Cracker Jack Decoder rings and a Trophy from the "Everyone Gets a Trophy Day" Awards my elementary school used to hand out (also known as Good Sportsmen Awards).

    Its the Perfect Season - not another SB Ring -that secures this team its immortality. It just so happens both are happening in the same game.

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