2007 Free Agency

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    This is that wonderful time of year when we argue among ourselves as
    to what the Pats should do in free agency. I think free agency is quite
    important but other members think we should rely primarily on the draft.

    The free agents we signed from 2000 to 2004 played prominent roles in
    the Pats winning three super bowls. Listed are some of those players:
    (2000) Andruzzi, Hamilton, Otis Smith, and Wiggins ( Pats were in salary
    cap hell) (2001) Compton, Izzo, Neal, Patten, Phifer, Pleasant, Antowaine
    Smith, and Vrabel (2002) Fauria, Gorin, and Hochstein (2003) Ashworth,
    Colvin, Harrison, and Poole (2004) Josh Miller, and Traylor. There was some
    good talent among these players.

    The past couple of years the Pats did not have the same level of success
    as in 2000-2004. In light of their free agent losses, I hope they get more
    involved in free agency this year and jump in at the start like 2003.
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    You are right that NE hasn't done great in FA the past few offseasons. The only offseason guys who have/had a key role on the team are Seau and Caldwell. That, in combination with the dreadful sans 1st round 2004 draft is the main reason that NE isn't still clearly the best team in the league.

    Oddly enough, they have done much better at midseason panic signings: Hawkins, Gafney, Evans and even Stone are all much better than you would expect to be picking out of the trash bin during the season. A case could be made that Seau is in the group as it is clear that NE was trying to fill that gap without having to pick him up.

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