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On the Game Day Roster, from NH

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Dec 7, 2016 at 7:10 PM
    1. Bill B.
      Bill B.
      Hello Erik,
      Sorry, it took a while to respond to your message. This is not a page that I normally go to. I was born in Lowell, MA in 1956. I lived there until I was 14 when we moved to Northampton, MA. I used to work for Digital Equipment Corp(DEC). They transferred me out to CA in 1981. I got married in 1994 and my wife and I bought our house in Brea in 1995. We love it here. We are just a mile up the road from the Von's. Just up Central between Palm and Puente. My property values are two and a half what I paid for it 17 years ago. Not too many areas can say that

      I have been a Patriot fan since Jim Plunkett was a rookie. My wife grew up a Rams fan. Her Dad had 3 seats since the 1950s. He used them for business, but he was always good to throw the tickets our way a couple of times a year. After the Rams moved, my wife became a Patriots fan through marriage. SB36 was doubly sweet for us.
      God bless,
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