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In the Starting Line-Up

alvinnf was last seen:
Dec 9, 2016 at 10:06 PM
    1. broadwayjoe
      New York Jets are on the clock.
    2. broadwayjoe
      New York Jets have back to back selections in the 6th round in case you haven't noticed it yet.
    3. broadwayjoe
      New York Jets are on the clock.
    4. broadwayjoe
      New York Jets are on the clock.
    5. alvinnf
      Surrendor earthlings............
    6. Mabeyitstrue
      "the point is that self resilience is a powerful tool."

      I agree, its implementing these tools into society that's the issue. My Mom for example is the most hard working person I know, still to this day @ 60 she's still goes goes and this taught me the same thing. The problem is that many ppl don't get taught these tools and are raised by people that don't know these things, they don't teach you this stuff in school.

      Its our responisblity to teach/care for them if no one eles will, you might not think so but I do, that's the diffrence between you and me, you think ppl can just "do it" and I know this is not true alot of variables go into the situation you have to take into account, its not so cut and dry sir, wish it was:D

      "We have created a culture of laziness"

      Who's fault is this? this stuff has been going on since the start of time itself, what about the lazy white ppl that came to this country and bought slaves to do there hard work for them?

      What about the kings and queens back in the day that would hire peons to do their work? pay them close to nothing........

      The rich and successful aren't all hard working and did things the right way, they have more tools and money and teachings, if you gave the same opportunity's and resources to the poor and lazy they would do well for themself's too.

      I'm sure there are some people that do it all by themself's, well they should feel lucky and be thankful, instead of judging others for not being the same.
    7. Mabeyitstrue
      "How about doing something for yourself.....Is that a novel concept?"

      Just saw this, didn't want to bump and old thread but wanted to let you know something, I don't know where you come from or how you where raised but if you think an 11 yr old can just do it by himself and a widow of 3 can just do it by yourself, then you have alot to learn about life and know nothing about mine.

      Your gonna learn about life the hard way dude.......good luck with that your gonna need it.
    8. alvinnf
      Friends? Not so much?
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