Charting the Jaguars Rushing Attempts vs the Patriots

Ian Logue
December 24, 2012 at 03:32pm ET

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Taking a look at the rushing chart it appears the Jaguars didn't have a lot of confidence running in between the guards or the tackles during Sunday's game, registering just one carry off tackle while the majority were either up the middle or around the ends.

Here's a breakdown of how how they attacked New England:

M.Owens: 10 Carries, 42 Yards (4.2 avg) 3 First Downs
R.Murphy: 10 Carries, 29 Yards (2.9 avg) 2 First Downs
C.Henne: 2 Carries, 22 Yards (11.0 avg) 2 First Downs
G.Jones: 1 Carry, 0 Yards


Left End:
R.Murphy: 1 Carry, 4 Yards (4.0 avg)

Left Tackle:
No Carries Registered

Left Guard:
No Carries Registered

M.Owens: 6 Carries 18 Yards (3.0 avg)
R.Murphy: 6 Carries 14 Yards (2.3 avg)
C.Henne: 1 Carry, 7 Yards
G.Jones: 1 Carry, 0 Yards

Right Guard:
R.Murphy: 1 Carry, -3 Yards

Right Tackle:
No Carries Registered

Right End:
M.Owens: 4 Carries, 24 Yards (6.0 avg)
C.Henne: 1 Carry, 15 Yards
R.Murphy: 2 Carries, 14 Yards (7.0 avg)