Vince Wilfork PostGame Transcript

Ian Logue
December 02, 2012 at 05:12pm ET

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On how tough the Dolphins were:

“Absolutely. We knew this team was going to be tough. I said it before earlier this week, this team is 5-6, but they shouldn’t be. They did a lot better than 5-6 at the time. We knew we had our hands full coming down here to South Florida, playing against these guys. No matter what the record or the stats say, we knew they were going to come out fighting. We knew what they were going to give us. We knew it was going to be pretty tough coming down here. So I think everybody kept their composure, stayed poised through the ups and downs, never got too high, never got too low. We knew they were going to make a run at some point. We knew they were going to make a couple of plays at some point. We knew we just had to counter that and just get back to playing good fundamental football if that happens. I think we just together. We played well, in certain situations we played well and it helped us a lot today.”

On why there wasn’t a bigger celebration over winning the division

“You move on in stride. We know we accomplished something, but in the grand scheme of things we still have a long season to play. The upcoming week is going to be very tough starting with Houston. So we know how important it is to get back on track and stay grounded and continue to push forward one game at a time. So that’s what we’re doing.”

On how special it was picking up the fumble and going over to his wife Bianca and giving it to her:

“Absolutely. Every ball I get, she gets. It’s not mine, it’s like I make plays for her. So she was excited, I was excited, the team was excited. This defense, what we’ve done a real good shot around here of getting turnovers. We had a couple on the ground today, but we didn’t get them. We walked away with one, but it’s always good to get them. I was just at the right place at the right time, I was pretty excited about it.”

On if it’s like playing for the Yankees in that they have to win the Super Bowl or doesn’t matter?

“That’s so out of reach right now, the Super Bowl. We still have a long season left and that’s the last thing on our minds is the Super Bowl. So like I said, it started today with the Dolphins. To come in here, we knew what was at stake, we could clinch of the division today. We came here, and we took care of that. So now we know we have Houston coming into town. One of the very, very, very good teams – one of the best teams in the NFL. So we’re going to keep it one game at a time. Whatever happens at the end of the season happens. But we’re not even thinking about, or talking about playoffs or a Super Bowl right now. It’s a one-game season for us right now.”

On the fact the defense was able to keep the offense in the game despite the fact they weren’t putting up a lot of points: 

“You know what? It’s good, especially when the offense struggles, it’s a chance for us to showcase how special we are on defense. We went out there, we didn’t give up a lot of points today, we had some three and outs, we made some plays, but the offense is okay to have a back game here and there. They’ve done so much for us and the one thing we want to do around here, we always want to play as a team. The three units, special teams, offense, defense. If one is slacking, the other two can help pull them up. But when you have two or three slacking, that’s when you get problems. But tonight, you know what? The offense got together. They started running the ball more and as a defense, I love seeing my offense run the football because I know we have great running backs, we have great blockers. We face those guys all the time in practice and when we started running the ball, that was pretty exciting to see from my defense advantage. So I was kind of pumped up on the sideline with that.”