Bill Belichick's Postgame Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
September 25, 2011 at 09:44pm ET

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Here's the complete press conference transcript from Bill Belichick following their loss to the Buffalo Bills.


(Once again, it's partially omitted because the broadcast came in late)

"It' s always tough coming in here, and they made a few more plays than we did today  so we've just got to do a better job.   Obviously the turnovers, the long drives, penalties are all things that didn't help us - but we've just got to do a better job of that."

On if there was any explanation of why Brady struggled in the second half.

"I don't know."

Did they do anything differently?

"Yeah, they mixed it up.  They did it all game."

On the fact they have a veteran team and that they seemed to think they had it in hand up 21-0.

"Well, we obviously didn't play well enough to win, so we're disappointed in that.  No, I don't think anybody thought it was going to be easy."

On his reaction to all the uncharacteristic things, penalties, etc.

"I just said, we've got to do a better job.  We've got to do a better job."

On the fact that they seemed undisciplined and that they seemed to have more and more penalties as the game went on.

"Well obviously that's not the way we want to play, so we've got to do better."

When asked about the second timeout that he was charged with.

"We took it."

On if there was a miscommunication on the second timeout

"I took it."

On why he came out onto the field toward the end when they called the timeout, if he was contesting the spot, etc.

"No, I took a timeout."

You took a timeout?

"That's right."

On the fact he seemed to be contesting something

"I went down to call a timeout.  What don't you understand about that?"

On the fact he seemed a little animated to just be calling a timeout.

"They were waving me back, and I was going down there to call it, so I called it."

On if it was just one of those days for Tom Brady

"Turn the ball over four times, you don't win many games that way."

On if there was something the Bills changed when they got up 21-0.

"No, I don't think so.  They mixed it up a little bit all day."

On if the game's changed that much defensively after looking at how other teams have played?

"I don't know about the rest of the league, I just know these  games we play."

On if he knows when the last time he's had a team blow a 21 point lead.

"We just need to try to score more, and give up less.  That's what we need to do."

On how much different Buffalo is.

"They did a good job.  No doubt about it.  They've been doing a good job.  Chan [Gailey]'s done a great job with the team and they're playing well."

On how much of Buffalo's offensive performance was their play vs. mistakes by the Patriots

"I don't know. We'll take a look at the film and take a closer look at it."