Patriots Medlin Trying to Make A Name For Himself

Ian Logue
August 17, 2011 at 02:18pm ET

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Doing a little digging this afternoon I came accross an interesting article from a site covering the Fayetteville State Broncos, which is where Patriots runningback Richard Medlin went to school.

Medlin apparently did an interview with them last Friday following the Patriots 47-12 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. During the game Medlin finished with 14 carries for 54 yards along with two touchdowns, finishing among some of the top names in the league through one week of meaningless preseason football.

He told the website his first NFL game was a surreal experience.

“I can’t put it into words,” said Medlin in the article. “There’s just no way. I mean, it’s just something you have to experience to understand. It’s amazing.”

So far Medlin's in a bit of a different world than he was in College. Back in college he played at Luther Jeralds Athletic Complex, which has a capacity of 6,200. Medlin admitted there's three times the amount of people alone who come and watch them each day at the practice fields behind Gillette Stadium.

“I mean, we have 18,000 people show up to watch us practice,” says Medlin. “It’s crazy. The fans here — they’re just bananas.”

He admitted that he was surprised they know his name, with many of them yelling it during practice. However, so far he's doing a good job getting noticed, which is exactly what an undrafted guy needs to do. But Medlin said he's not thinking about that right now, and he's just focused on improving with the team that's given him his opportunity.

“I can’t worry about that kind of stuff,” said Medlin. “If I do that, it will get in the way of what I’m trying to do. I’m focusing on getting better and learning the offense so I can do the best I can. If do anything other than that, then I’m not playing my game.”

You can read more from the interview here.

Here's a video with an interview with his former coach, Kenny Phillips. He mentions Medlin right around the 4:50 mark.