Patriots at Steelers: Tom Brady Post Game Comments

Ian Logue
November 15, 2010 at 03:10am ET

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Quarterback Tom Brady met with the media after the game, and here are his comments following New England’s win over the Steelers Sunday night.

“That was a good game, I’m tired. That was an emotional win for us and it’s always fun to come in here and play well.  We know what kind of team they have, what they’re all about.  But I thought we showed what we’re all about too.  We fought hard, they fought hard, we made a bunch of plays that we needed to make, everybody made them, and it was good to come out ahead.”

On his emotional outburst during the game:

“I was exhausted.  It’s an emotional game, and I think part of playing quarterback is trying to make sure everyone’s always into it and there’s a certain level of concentration and focus that you need on the road when the crowd gets noisy.  There was plenty of plays that we didn’t make we probably should have made, especially in the first half.  Getting the ball down there on the four yard line but they called us for a chop block – and then not making plays on the next drive, and really just not executing great.  But I thought all the guys played really hard and stayed focused.  It was an exciting win for all of us in this locker room.  We haven’t been this happy in a long time.”

On whether he thinks they got the message:

“I’ve got a lot of respect for this team.  I’ll tell you, the Steelers are a classy organization, I mean it’s just always a battle when we play them.  When you play them, you know you have to play well.  They take advantage of every bad play that you make, they’ve got guys that sack the quarterback. Troy Polamalu’s one of the best in the game, Ike Taylor’s a great player.  We knew we had to come out and counter them, and everybody was up to the challenge.”

On what he meant about the fact his team ‘showed what we’re all about’:

“Well, we’re pretty good when we execute the right way when we do the right thing, when everyone’s doing their job.  We got off to a fast start tonight, played from ahead the whole game, and that’s a big difference.  Anything can happen each week.  We’re 7-2 there’s a lot of football left.  We’ve got another great opponent coming into our stadium this week.  It’s an emotional win, and everyone’s got to get some rest and come back ready to go on Wednesday.”   

On whether practice was better this week:

“It was a better week, but it comes down to executing on game day.  I’ve had weeks where we practiced bad and we come out and win, had weeks of practice where it’s great and we come out and lose - so you’ve got to learn from practice.   If it’s good, you’ve got to keep it that way, if it’s bad you know you’ve got to improve it.  It was a good week of practice this week, a lot of guys made some great plays, and I think that’s the exciting part.”

On the play of the offensive line:

It was phenomenal, it was phenomenal  It’s been that way all year. The offensive line is, they’re a veteran group.  We’ve all been together so long.  Logan [Mankin]’s added so much in terms of his toughness and his leadership.  Matt [Light] and Sebastian [Vollmer] are great players, [Dan] Koppen mans that line and is responsible for so much up front.  I love those guys, those are my boys, so I’m just proud of them.  I’m proud of the way they compete, and they fight everyday and every day in practice too.  They’ve got a great coach too so it’s a great group.

On his touchdown run and his spike in the endzone:

“I don’t run much, and I certainly don’t sneak it from very far out.  Coach made a great call, and I was just able to fall forward.  I don’t know, I was pretty excited. I don’t score very often so when I do I make sure. As a 49ers fan I loved Tom Rathman, and every time he scored he spiked it as hard as he could, so I’ve always loved that.  I guess at times when I do get in the endzone I like to spike it.”