Kraft: Patriots "Never Had a Deal With Logan"

Ian Logue
September 13, 2010 at 01:39pm ET

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Patriots owner Robert Kraft surprised Dale & Holley of WEEI on Monday afternoon for "Patriots Monday", and sat down for an interview to discuss the story that came out yesterday from ESPN's Adam Schefter regarding disgruntled guard Logan Mankins.

In the interview the Patriots owner said that the chain of events didn't quite play out like the earlier report from Schefter had indicated.  According to the ESPN report, it had been said that a deal was reached with the veteran guard, and that it fell apart over the the team's request for a public apology.  Kraft says that that wasn't the case at all.

Kraft claims the team has made offers, but that they've yet to reach an agreement with Guard Logan Mankins (PHOTO:Icon/SMI)
"There is a misconception that we have had a deal with Logan Mankins," Kraft said. "We have never had a deal with Logan Mankins.

“I hate violating a private conversation but I think it’s worthy because it speaks to this issue that -- I got a call three weeks go, maybe, something around that time, from Logan -- and he apologized to me for the comments that he made in the public media," Kraft explained during his interview.  "He said that he regretted he did it. He knew in retrospect that they were not true. And I accepted his apology because he is a high quality guy.

“I also said to him, ‘You know Logan, it would be nice if that was made public because I'm hoping we do a deal with you. And I don’t want people to think that the way you do a deal is to say something that’s not true or involve ownership.' "

Regarding the public apology, Kraft said that Mankins admitted he felt bad and that he'd be willing to do it, and claimed he would do so in the event the team re-signed him, or even if he got traded elsewhere.

“He understood that and he said ‘Look, Mr. Kraft, I feel bad," said Kraft. "I will correct what I said either when I sign with the New England Patriots or if I get traded and sign somewhere else.' And he said that ‘My hope and intention is that I'll be a Patriot and go into the Patriots hall of fame.' And I said the same thing to him. And then there's been a negotiation but we have never had a deal."

Listening to Kraft's comments on Monday, things sound like they've at least reached an amicable point between the two sides.  Being a man of principle as it's believed that Mankins is, one would have to believe he'll be happy with the fact that Kraft took the time to go on the air and set the record straight - as it paints Mankins in a much better light. 

Whether or not it will help the two sides reach an agreement remains to be seen, but at least after hearing this news the chances now seem a little better than they did following what we heard yesterday.