I miss the days where people didn’t carry video cameras around.

Unfortunately thanks to cellphones that have built in cameras, many of them now are also able to shoot video.¬† Needless to say¬†some nitwit was actually wondering around near the¬†site of the crash involving a red minivan and Brady’s Audi this morning, and felt the need to record the incident.¬†¬†

You’ll find¬†this guy¬†tries to act like a helpful passer-by, but you can see Brady isn’t fooled and can tell that it’s¬†clear he’s¬†just there to record video.

This “helpful” guy¬†has¬†since¬†figured out how to sell it to TMZ (if they have it, I doubt he just “gave them the footage”), and here is the video that was taken following the incident (warning – it’s somewhat graphic).¬†

He’s also sold/given the stills the Boston Globe, which you can find here¬†if you’d rather skip the video.