Morris: 'Burn The Tape'

Ian Logue
September 22, 2008 at 07:38am ET

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Patriots runningback Sammy Morris said it best Sunday night.
"There’s a movie out called ‘Burn after reading’" said Morris Sunday night on WBZ's Sports Final. "And I believe we’ll take what we can and learn from that and then after that burn the tape’.
'Burn after watching.  That’s us.'
Needless to say take week three and throw it out the window.
Take the fact that the Patriots allowed a touchdown on 5 of Miami’s first seven possessions and that obviously sounds like the best course of action for New England heading into the Patriots bye week.
New England’s defensive performance left a lot to be desired, and the 38-points they gave up is something they can at least work to improve on.  While Sunday’s 38-13 loss is one that is tough for many fans to swallow, it’s hard to put this one on quarterback Matt Cassel. For the most part it appears that the loss really came down to the Patriots’ defense, and on Sunday night Morris’ was asked on ‘Sports Final’ about whether or not the offense had confidence in their quarterback.
"I think the team has faith in Matt Cassel," said Morris on Sports Final.  "We have a lot faith just in our team in general.  We’re 2-1 going into the Bye Week.  Obviously we’d take 3-0 over 2-1.  But we still have a lot of games left to play and  I don’t think anyone in our locker room would throw in the towel right now."