Thoughts on the Day Two of the NFL Draft

Derek Havens
April 30, 2011 at 07:00am ET

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The Patriots were certainly active on day two of the NFL draft. Based on my twitter page reaction, the vast majority of Patriots nation is frustrated and I believe with good reason. Yes, the team made some solid moves, but the biggest need of outside linebacker has still not been addressed.

Do not give up hope though, Patriots nation. Belichick has picked up a few great college prospects. Here are the draft selections the Patriots made on day two of the NFL draft (team transactions included) -

Round 2

  • No. 33 overall pick -- The Patriots selected Ras-I Dowling, DB, Virginia - An interesting prospect. Definitely had many analysts and fans scratching their heads. Dowling is a talented defensive back that has struggled with injuries. If he can stay healthy, he could add a dynamic playmaking ability to the defense. The biggest problem I have with this selection is I question the secondary already on the roster, because this selection makes me believe someone is being cut or traded (when the league year resumes).

  • No. 56 overall pick -- The Patriots selected Shane Vereen, RB, California - This was my favorite pick of day two. Vereen is a guy who has a lot of connections to New England. Vereen is a great addition to the running back core. I will certainly have more on him after draft weekend concludes.

  • No. 60 overall pick -- The Patriots traded the 60th overall pick to the Houston Texans for selection No. 73 (LSU RB Stevan Ridley) and a fifth round selection (No. 138 overall) - At this point, I was frustrated because the Patriots had hat yet to address the defensive front seven.

Round 3

  • No. 73 overall pick -- The Patriots selected Louisiana State University running back Stevan Ridley. The Patriots acquired this pick after a trade with Houston - By far the biggest head scratcher this draft. Ridley is a great runner between the tackles, but his skill set is practice squad worthy at best. Certainly does not speak well for Sammy Morris, Fred Taylor, or even Kevin Faulk.

  • No. 74 overall pick -- The Patriots selected Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett. - I am not a big fan of Mallet, but he is a very talented QB. ESPN's Adam Schefter also reported that Mallet was the highest ranked QuarterBack in the entire draft.

  • No. 92 overall pick -- The Patriots traded this pick to the Oakland Raiders along with their fourth round pick (No. 125 overall) for the Raiders' seventh rounder (No. 219 overall) and their 2012 second rounder. - I am not surprised by this move what so ever. What concerns me, is yet again the Patriots have multiple picks in the first couple of rounds next year (like they do every year) and they have not maximized them. This pick was especially frustrating to many people because the team has still not taken a player in the front seven.



Personally, day two was a tough day to digest mentally. I feel I have more questions than answers. Does Belichick believe they can generate more of a pass rush in the upcoming season or does he feel the position is overrated? Is there a player on the team or in free agency he believes in? However, there is really no way to judge these rookies until they are on the field. Never the less, Patriots fans will be looking forward to day three to address the defensive concerns. How do you feel about the draft so far? Let me know by leaving a comment below and share your opinion!

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