By: Bob George/
January 29, 2009

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Plenty of option plays for Patriots
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Filling the Patriots' needs: No. 3: Quarterbacks

Seventeen NFL seasons, all as a Cardinal. Jim Bakken was to kicking what Jim Hart was to quarterbacking for this franchise. He hit on 63.1 percent of his kicks throughout his career. Oddly, he never hit from 50 yards or more, he was 0 for 15 in his career from that distance. But he stuck around in St. Louis seemingly forever, like his quarterback. Bakken was the kicker on those great Cardinal teams of the mid-1970s which won those two NFC East titles. Bakken steps into one, straight on, and it sails high, end-over-end to the nine-yard line.

Larry Fitzgerald gets it. He wants a contract restructure to help keep Anquan Boldin a Cardinal. Sounds quite Patriotic.

Boldin probably doesn't get it. He may still want out, though the Cardinals still control him for two more years.

Good grief. What is more important, Tom Brady's knee or being hounded by the paparazzi on a vacation in Mexico?

Here's hoping he and Gisele don't turn into the next Diana and Dodi.

Hines Ward miss a Super Bowl? Surely you jest.

New President Barack Obama wants the Steelers to win. It's more like he wants the Cardinals to lose.

After all, what was John McCain's home state?

And which candidate did Cardinal owner Bill Bidwill support in the election?

Speaking of our newest President, Stephen Neal's alma mater just lost to Oregon State, coached by the First Brother-In-Law.

Geek of the Week: Charger GM A.J. Smith could not have been more dunderheaded by insulting The Franchise. Like LaDainian Tomlinson or not, he's still the figurehead of the organization.

So, you have any idea yet about what to do with Matt Cassel?

Nice replay on NFL Network the other night: Super Bowl XXXVI. Happy ending, of course.

Pre-game videotaping? Hah. The Rams knuckled under thanks to bad coaching and hard hitting by the Patriot defense. The better team won that game.

Adrian Wilson, the longest tenured Cardinal, could not speak after winning the NFC title, tears running down his face. Looked a lot like Willie "Lotta emotion goin' on!" McGinest from some years back.

Which of course bears one thing Wilson needs to understand: There's more football to be played. Cry later.

In the impending duel of former Super Bowl winning quarterbacks, Kurt Warner will put up better numbers, but Ben Roethlisberger will make luckier throws and have much more margin for error.

And Big Ben scrambles better than Kurt.

But Warner's story is still much more endearing. Cardinal fans need to hit a Hy-Vee grocery store sometime in their lives.

Edgerrin James just missed a Super Bowl with the Colts. Like Boldin, he needs to shut up about leaving and stay put.

Back to school: Tim Tebow. Colt McCoy. Sam Bradford. All will be staying put in college for 2009. Now that's both remarkable and admirable.

Let them develop some more, and the NFL will be the better for it.

You're just beginning, Scott Pioli. Firing Herm Edwards was like sharpening a new pencil before you use it. A first grader would have known to can the coach.

Steeler fans might be thinking about their late legendary broadcaster, Myron Cope. He died last year, but retired one season before their win in Super Bowl XL. It's still an empty feeling to not hear "Yoi and double yoi!" anymore if you are a Steeler fan.

Any Steeler fan will tell any Cardinal fan the following: You take Larry Fitzgerald. I'll take Lynn Swann.

After Sunday, that could change.

That said, Swann could do what Larry Fitz can do now. Swann was the master of the impossible acrobatic catch, but he has company these days.

The Steelers may need Willie Parker to be the game MVP and not Big Ben or Ward.

Or Terry MacAulay, the head official.

December 28, 1947. Chicago Cardinals 28, Philadelphia Eagles 21. Charlie Trippi scored two of the four Cardinal touchdowns. No Cardinal team has won the whole thing since.

Remember him: The quarterback from that last championship Cardinal team was Paul Christman. He completed only 45.8 percent of his passes that year and finished with a rating of 59.0. His six-year career, where all but one season was spent as a Cardinal, saw him complete only 44.2 percent of his passes and a rating of 54.8. He was a member of the "million dollar backfield" in 1947 (thanks, Wikipedia), but he also held, for a time, the record for most fumbles in a game with five. Christman would go on to greater fame as a broadcaster for NBC and CBS, working with Curt Gowdy on NBC's broadcast of the first Super Bowl. Christman died in 1970 after suffering a fatal heart attack, after having worked two seasons at CBS alongside Ray Scott.

Well, here we are, just a few days away from the big game. How will it go?

Two long term NFL families join us on the Feud;

Bidwill versus Rooney, those are old-timers, dude.

This game has already moved Adrian Wilson to tears;

The Cardinals haven't done this well in so many years.

And try they sure will, from Kurt to Larry Fitz;

Mike Tomlin and Ken Whisenhunt will surely battle wits.

But when all is said and done and it's the end of the dance,

Too much Steeler "D" gives the Cards almost no chance.

Enjoy the game, in case you never see the Arizonans back on this stage ever again.