By: Bob George/
September 25, 2007

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Dale Livingston had the honor of being the first kicker in Cincinnati Bengal history. He kicked for them in their inaugural season of 1968, punted for them in 1969, then took off for Green Bay for one season before calling it a career after only three seasons. He hit only half of his 26 field goal attempts, but connected on all of his 20 extra point attempts. He gave way in 1969 to Horst Muhlmann, a German kicker who would become the first kicker of note in franchise history. Livingston lives on only in the memories of those hardy souls who have been diehard Bengal fans from the real get-go. Livingston boots one to about the six-yard line, and away we go.

Yikes. 56 points for the Eagles? What else can you say other than "Where'd that come from?" Bad Lion defense? Donovan McNabb having an out of body experience?

Maybe it was those hideous 1933 uniforms. Talk about winning ugly.

Nice of Lane Kiffin to at least acknowledge where he got the "field goal time out" strategy from. Next week, it's Romeo Crennel's turn.

I think we'd all prefer Vince Wilfork tackle someone with his hands and not his elbows.

That said, one might have thought that Wilfork did Buffalo a big favor, but you could have put Joe Ferguson or Jim Kelly in there and not much would have changed.

Carson Palmer looked a little off kilter out at Seattle. One more week of that wouldn't hurt.

Next time you "retire", Brett Favre, we need to check your backside to make sure your fingers aren't crossed.

Meanwhile, Charger Nation, shut up about wanting Marty Schottenheimer back. Good grief. If you want to win a Super Bowl, you know he wasn't your guy.

Geek of the week: What took you so long, Lovie Smith, to finally wise up and bench Rex Grossman? Brian Griese might not be the long-term answer, but he sure is better for right now.

Wet blanket dept.: You heard this here first. If Randy Moss keeps up this insane pace for about, say, three more weeks, do not put it past this guy to demand a renegotiated contract and a threat to sit out games until he gets one. Remember, he took a $6 million pay cut to prove himself. By week six, he will have. And he is just the kind of guy who would do something like that.

Week six. He'll want to be paid accordingly now, and not wait until next year.

Looks like David Carr is finally going to get his shot in Carolina. Make my daughter proud, David, now that she goes to the same high school you once did.

Sooner or later, Arizona needs to stop wasting great efforts from Anquan Boldin like they did on Sunday.

Don't let Indianapolis fool you. Close wins against Tennessee and Houston? The road to Super Bowl XLII still goes through the RCA Dome unless the Patriots do something about it in November.

This whole thing with David Garrard supplanting Byron Leftwich down in Jacksonville at quarterback is fascinating. It is further proof that drafting and personnel acquisition is anything but an exact science.

Larry Johnson needs to shut up and play like he can play.

Back to school: What? Appalachian State lost to Wofford? Guess the Mountaineers aren't ready for USC yet, are they?

Pity poor Wes Welker. We were only half kidding when we thought Ellis Hobbs would get the coach's wrath for running back a kickoff 108 yards. This week, Welker really will after that crazy lateral to Moss.

If Tiki Barber retired because he couldn't stand Herr Kommandant Coughlin any more, you have to wonder why he is still the head coach of the G-Men.

Which makes Sunday's win at Washington that much more remarkable. Didn't know his players had it in them to pull off that kind of a win.

Bill Cowher can sit there at the CBS desk and say all he wants, but you have to wonder what he really thinks of the nice start his former team is off to.

My, my. Chad Pennington comes back, and guess what. His team is now in sole possession of second place in the AFC East, for what that's worth.

They want Jerry Jones to lock up Tony Romo in Dallas long term real soon. The smart thinking here is to wait just a teeny bit longer and make sure he really is the real deal.

Thank you, Adalius Thomas, for allowing Mike Vrabel to go back outside.

The Rams cannot afford having Stephen Jackson miss a lot of time. Some people think he, and not LaDainian Tomlinson, is the game's best back right now.

Yes, the Bills do have one bright spot. His name is Marshawn Lynch. He will make Buffalo forget Willis McGahee, and quick.

Remember him: After Paul Robinson and his great inaugural season for the Bengals, their next great running back was Essex Johnson. Johnson played in the first seven seasons for the Bengals, and was their top back in 1972 and 1973. His best season was '73, where he just missed the 1,000-yard mark (997, to be exact). He also chipped in with five seasons of at least 25 or more pass receptions. Johnson's career rushing average was a very respectable 4.4 yards per carry. Early on in his Bengal career, he also returned punts and kickoffs. He did play one season in Tampa Bay before retiring; since 1976 was the initial year for the Bucs, Johnson has the distinction of having played in the inaugural seasons of both the Bengals and the Buccaneers.

Sorry, New Orleans. No more sympathy vote. You came within a game of the Super Bowl last year. Your fans need more than what you're giving them.

And Vince Young needs to step up also. He showed flashes of brilliance last year, but more often than not he is an unpolished passer with a lot of room for improvement. Make no mistake, he's a keeper, but he still has some learning to do.

Meanwhile, San Diego is probably content with Philip Rivers, for now.

The over-under on New England-Cincinnati next Monday night is 52 ½. 52 ½? Bet the farm on over. Throw in the barn as well.

You could make it 92 ½ and I'd still take the over.