By: John Murphy/
April 04, 2005

No Brady or Gronk, but plenty of storylines at Patriots OTAs
Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski not at the start of the team's OTA's today
NFL notes: Don't be surprised if Deatrich Wise Jr., Derek Rivers rise up for Patriots
New Patriots DL Danny Shelton preps to hit the hill
Patriots center David Andrews excited with his new Georgia Bulldog teammates

*Think that it is too early to get a jump start on the 2006 NFL Draft, well then you are looking to get left behind... our staff can help organize or contribute to your organization, franchise, player rep recruiting list or media coverage now so that you will be ahead of the curve when the new cycle of scouting starts later this spring... please contact our office over the next 4-6 weeks for more information.

*Our next edition will feature a breakdown of each team's compliment of draft choices, as well as a fully updated list of "Team Needs" based on free agent additions and full roster evaluations done over the past 6-8 weeks.

*If any/all of your clients have setup private visits/workouts leading up to the draft we are creating a chart for that, as well, since it has been requested.

*If you would like to include any/all Pro Day results, updates or information, please send it to [email protected] or 504.415.9979 before 7pm eastern each day for inclusion in the next day's report.


There are three corrections to the "Draft Notes/Trends" section from the most recent report:

Highest a Michigan wide receiver has even been drafted was Desmond Howard (Washington, #4) in the 1992 NFL Draft... in case Michigan WR Braylon Edwards is taken in the Top-5 picks this year... it was originally noted as David Terrell (Chicago, #8) in the 2001 NFL Draft... as we fondly remembed Howard as more of a return man and overlooked the former Heisman Trophy winner.

Over the last four NFL Drafts a total of 127 players have been selected in the first round... 69 have been offensive players, while 58 have been defensive players... the words "in the first round" were omitted.

The #1 overall selection has been used most often on quarterbacks (25 times) and running backs (23 times)... defensive lineman (11 times)... wide receiver (3 times)... offensive lineman (3 times)... linebacker (3 times)... both quarterbacks and running backs were notes with (23 times) in the initial report.


*SOUTHERN U. (March 31st) senior offensive lineman MYNIYA SMITH was actually 6045, 349 pounds at his workout on March 31st... he had shed a few pounds down to 345 pounds in recent weeks, but we incorrectly listed it as "335 pounds" in the original report last week... please make note of the correct weight.


Free agent defensive lineman MARQUES DOUGLAS will be visiting with members of the San Francisco 49ers on Monday... Douglas, who has played the past few years with the Baltimore Ravens, is now seen as the best available pass rusher on the market, and his connection to current 49ers head coach Mike Nolan, the former Ravens defensive coordinator, could spark a quick signing if the sides can agree on a long-term deal... there has been talk by several 3-4 type teams (Cleveland, Denver and San Diego) about signing and moving him to OLB, while Washington could also get in the mix for his services.

HOUSTON wanted to get at least a 2005 fourth round draft choice in trade for veteran linebacker JAMIE SHARPER before he was released late last week... Cleveland, Dallas, New Orleans and Seattle could be landing spots for his services... it would be interesting to see if Green Bay, who has been eyeing a possible middle linebacker (which would allow Nick Barnett to swing outside) would make an offer to the older Sharper (Jamie) after recently cutting ties with his younger brother (Darren).

SAN FRANCISCO may look to deal quarterback TIM RATTAY during or right after the NFL Draft if he gets a clean bill of health with Tampa Bay being a possible destination... the 49ers would likely receive about a sixth round draft choice in return for him... but might be able to get a conditional pick in 2006 that could move up to a fifth round choice based on his playing time and performance, although he is likely to be at least a #2 where ever he goes.

TAMPA BAY may have found an answer to their kicker problem, as former Toledo kicker TODD FRANCE, who spent some time with the NY Giants last year, converted an NFL Europe record five field goals (5-of-6) for the Hamburg Sea Devils. His first attempt of the game was a 54-yard attempt that was good with room to spare.

Other NFL EUROPE players that made their mark this past weekend include RHEIN tight end JASON RADER (6 catches for 48 yards)... RHEIN defensive back/return man CHRIS DAY (27.3 yards on four kickoff returns)... AMSTERDAM quarterback GIBRAN HAMDAN (12-19, 187 yards, two touchdowns)... AMSTERDAM tight end TONY DONALD (3 catches for 78 yards, 1 score)... AMSTERDAM linebacker GREG CAROTHERS (9 tackles, 1 interception)... AMSTERDAM cornerback B.J. TUCKER (one interception, 2 pass breakups)... BERLIN linebacker RICH SCANLON (4 tackles, one interception)... FRANKFURT defensive end SEANTE WILLIAMS (5 tackles, one interception)... HAMBURG wide receiver/return man RICKY BRYANT (touchdown catch).


CINCINNATI (April 4th) senior linebacker JAMAR ENZOR will be available for a full workout later today (12NOON)... his hamstring is 100%, so he will be running the 40-yard dash and all shuttle/agility drills.. senior safety DOUG MONAGHAN will also be running the 40-yard dash... senior defensive lineman MICHAEL WRIGHT will likely do some/most of the regular workout, plus positional drills... he has proven to be an impressively athetic interior lineman with some upside thanks to his quickness... senior defensive end/linebacker TRENT COLE and several others are also expected to be in attendance.

COLORADO STATE (April 13th) senior offensive lineman ERIK PEARS and senior defensive lineman PATRICK GOODPASTER will both be available for workouts on Wednesday, March 13th on-campus at Colorado State, starting at 10AM... please contact their agents for more information.

ARKANSAS TECH (April 6th) senior cornerback LEROY HOOD and senior offensive lineman JONATHAN HAYES will be available to work out for scouts/coaches on Wednesday, April 6th, starting at 1:00PM... the workout will be held on-campus in Russellville, Arkansas... both players were scheduled to attend last week's workout at Arkansas Pine-Bluff, but were told their home towns were not exactly inside the Pine-Bluff metro city area... Please contact their agent for more information.

DELAWARE (April 7th) senior linebacker MONDOE DAVIS, as well as senior cornerback/return man SIDNEY HAUGABROOK and senior defensive lineman CHRIS MOONEY, will all be available for workouts on Thursday, April 7th, please contact their respective agents for more information.

SAGINAW VALLEY STATE (April 13th) senior quarterback MARK RADLINKSI will be available to work out on Wednesday, March 13th on-campus... he pulled his hamstring at his first workout, but is recovered and will perform a full workout that day... Please contact his agent for more information.

CONNECTICUT senior wide receiver/return man MATT CUTAIA (#17), who ran 4.36/4.39 in the 40 and 35" vertical at his recent Pro Day on March 24th... will be available on-campus for workouts between now and the draft... please contact his agent for more information.

SHAW, NC senior defensive tackle WALIF CAMPBELL (#93) has not been able to find or schedule a Pro Day, as of today... he was not told of the potential to attend the Pro Day held at N.C. State recently... available to work out on-campus anytime between now and the draft... has a total of 80 plays from previous years on a DVD, which will be available later this week... top games were Edward Waters, Livingstone, St. Augustine (2003)... he also played at both the East Coast Bowl (#72) and HBCU All-Star Classic (#93)... was medical red-shirted his first year in Sisco JC (TX), but the paper work was never processed... so he was ineligible to play this past season... currently weighs 6046, 323 pounds... which is ten pounds lighter (334 pounds) than he was at the HBCU... 34 1/4" arms... 9 3/4" hands... while training he has been doing 33" vertical... 26 reps of 225 pounds... 1.80/1.85 10-yard... has not been timed again in the 40-yard dash, but will be doing a full workout later this week under the guidance of a trainer and one of this former college coaches... wore #72 at the East Coast Bowl, #93 at the HBCU... teams that are attending the April 14th workout in Charlotte, NC for Virginia senior defensive lineman Chris Canty could try to schedule a workout for Campbell and fellow Shaw senior linebacker CHRIS PEAVY (#44) in-or-around that day.


UT-CHATTANOOGA (April 2nd) senior wide receiver ALONZO NIX (#4) tried twice to set up Pro Days at his own school, but was unable to schedule a time/date where any scouts were able to attend... since he has been training in the New Orleans area one of our staff members attended his workout on Saturday afternoon... ran between 4.40 and 4.44 in the 40... came on a standard outdoor track surface... wore regular track shoes, but no nubs or spikes... little bit of a crosswind (5-10MPH)... 4.28/4.32 short shuttle... 6.97/7.08 three-cone... shuttle and agility drills were done on an adjoining grass field, which had mid-high grass and bit of a slope, so both drills were done twice (going with/against the slope)... weighed in at 5115, 192 pounds... his Pro Day workout came at Laurel High School, which is located 20-25 minutes away from outhern Mississippi, on March 23rd... ran between 4.53 and 4.56 in the 40... .10 will likely be taken off his times by most teams, as he ran on a GO2 surface, which was damp, grass which was also a little choppy... ran between 4.28/4.36 short shuttle... 7.20/7.30 three-cone... 34.5" vertical... did it one-handed against an outdoor surface, so most would convert that to 36.5"... also did ten reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 5106, 190 pounds... scouts from five teams, Jacksonville, NY Giants, Philadelphia, Seattle and Tennessee were in attendance... Tim Mingey (Jaguars) put him through a number of positional drills, as he caught the ball very well... three other teams took him aside to request additional details and seek game film.

MCNEESE STATE (April 2nd) senior kicker JOHN MARINO made all of his field goal attempts up to 50 yards (5-for-5)... then made 1-out-of-3 from 50-plus... converted one from 60 yards and then turned around a converted one from 50 yards against the wind... on his kickoffs (with the wind) all seven landed in the endzone... three were 10-yards deep... one five yards deep... one three yards deep... best hang time was 4.19, while two others were at least 4.00... on his kickoffs (against the wind) one landed inside the five-yard line... two landed inside the ten-yard line and one landed inside the 15-yard line... all four of the hang times were 4.10 or better... senior defensive tackle JOHN PAUL JONES tried to workout for a second consecutive day, but pulled up on his 40-yard dash... did some other drills, but decided it was best not to push himself and get hurt... all results were recorded during an on-campus workout, which was attended by New Orleans.

MIDWESTERN STATE, TX (April 1st) senior offensive tackle AMARIAH FARROW (#72) ran between 5.18 and 5.25 in the 40... 4.80 short shuttle... also did 19 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6046, 330 pounds... was very impressive in his positional drills... showed better-than-advertised footwork and athleticism, considering he was had not not seen a scout/coach until this workout last Friday... readers of our reports will remember that we promoted this workout the past 7-10 days... as the his biggest asset is that he was used as basically a pulling tackle, which is impressive when you look at his natural size... has been working on his weight room strength, which is just average to date... but he is a fairly interesting long-range type project... there was one team, Houston, in attendance for this workout... Farrow has game tape available upon request.

AKRON (April 1st) senior quarterback CHARLIE FRYE had a solid 45-minute performance at his private workout... threw all of the necessary passes... did them from drop back... 3-5-7 steps... play action... roll outs and then fired several deep balls, as well... he threw swing passes and short routes to players both out of the backfield and off the line of scrimmage... some of his deeper throws (outs/fades) were accurate, but had good, but not great zip/velocity... a few others were a little wobbly and came to receivers rather than leading them... also ran the 40-yard dash at between 4.72 and 4.78... stood on the opposite 40-yard line at the end of his workout and threw the ball flat-footed into the endzone between 57 to 62 yards... has been working on his arm strength while training since the Combine... when asked about his performance, Frye said "My goal was to show today I can make all the throws"... "(I) don't think teams worry too much about me throwing deep... we didn't do a lot of it this year... most of our stuff was middle range to short routes... but (I) showed them here and at the Senior Bowl that I can do it"... most in attendance also believe Frye has the frame to add another ten pounds over time... former wide receiver/quarterback NICK SPARKS ran between 4.55 and 4.59 in the 40... 4.24 short shuttle... 7.08 three-cone... 32" vertical... 9'5" broad jump... weighed in at 6024, 210 pounds... senior linebacker/defensive end CHASE BLACKBURN (#44) ran between 4.72 and 4.78 in the 40... which was faster than his first Pro Day results... senior wide receiver MORRIS ELLINGTON (#19) ran between 4.52/4.55 in the 40... senior offensive guard AARON CONLEY (#69) did 31 reps of 225 pounds... both Cleveland and San Francisco have setup private workouts for Charlie Frye over the next week... total of 11 teams were in attendance for this workout, including, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Minnesota, New England, NY Giants, Tampa Bay and Washington... he had previously did a private workout for Miami last week... did extra film work with Cleveland after the workout.

MARSHALL (April 1st) senior cornerback ROBERTO TERRELL (#2) ran between 4.37 and 4.41 in the 40... 36" vertical... weighed in at 5082, 187 pounds... also did positional drills for scouts... previously, he ran 4.41/4.45 in the 40 and did 17 reps of 255 pounds at the school's first Pro Day (March 18th)... had 57 tackles, two picks and seven pass breakups, as a senior... his brother, Ernie Mills, played for several years in the NFL as a wide receiver with the Pittsburgh Steelers... a total of two teams, Baltimore and Green Bay, were in attendance for this workout.

EAST CENTRAL, OK (April 1st) senior defensive end JUSTIN BROWN had setup a Pro Day for Friday, but no scouts were able to attend... therefore his defensive line coach, FRANK JONES, recorded these results... ran between 4.57 and 4.80 in the 40... faster time came with the wind and the slower came against the wind... 4.28 short shuttle... 7.40 three-cone... 9'4.5" broad jump... 19 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6020, 271 pounds... he will continue to be available for workouts at his school between now and the draft. Please contact his agent for more information.

LOUISIANA-LAFAYETTE (April 1st) senior fullback TRAVIS CONES (#41) ran between 4.55 and 4.60 in the 40... completely changed his running style, as this was his second Pro Day event; ran between 4.8 and 4.9 initially... has done between 4.36/4.42 short shuttle... 7.33/7.40 three-cone... 28.5"/30" vertical... 8'3"/8'5" broad jump and 25 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 5094, 228 pounds... senior safety CEANDRIS BROWN ran between 4.48 and 4.52 in the 40... but pulled up on his second attempt and did not complete the rest of the workout... all times were recorded on an outdoor track, as part of the Pro Day held at Louisiana-Lafayette.

MCNEESE STATE (April 1st) senior defensive tackle JOHN PAUL JONES ran between 4.97 and 5.13 in the 40... the faster time came with the wind, the slower came against and he slipped while running... 4.93 short shuttle... 7.84 three-cone... also did positional drills for the Green Bay Packers... weighed in at 6017, 290 pounds... which is nine pounds heavier than his first Pro Day... all times were recorded on an outdoor track, as part of the Pro Day held at Louisiana-Lafayette.

TCU (April 1st) all of senior prospects showed up for the school's second Pro Day, but there was only one scout in attendance, as a representative from Atlanta showed up to interview and meet with senior offensive tackle ANTHONY ALABI. TEXAS A&M (April 1st) senior defensive tackle MARCUS JASMIN ran between 5.18 and 5.22 in the 40... had done a full workout at his first Pro Day... his times were recorded on an outdoor turf surface as part of Tulane's second Pro Day.

ARKANSAS (March 31st) senior defensive end/linebacker JEB HUCKEBA ran between 4.61 and 4.65 in the 40... also did positional drills... Dallas, Green Bay, Kansas City, New England, San Diego and Seattle have been showing additional attention to him... on March 16th... he ran between 4.62 and 4.65 in the 40... some had him a little slower (4.68)... 4.20 short shuttle... 6.88 three-cone... 33.5" vertical... 10'0" broad jump and also did 18 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6044, 252 pounds... started off as an inside linebacker before moving outside and then up to defensive end... all times were recorded on an indoor rubber track surface, which will cause some teams to add between 0.08 to 0.10 to the 40-times recorded.

LSU (March 31st) senior tight end/H-Back DEMETRI ROBINSON ran between 4.85 and 4.90 in the 40... 4.5 short shuttle... 7.3 three-cone... 9'4" broad jump... weighed in at 6020, 245 pounds.

HOUSTON (March 22nd) senior tight end STEPHEN CUCCI ran between 4.90 and 5.00 in the 40... his results have varied, as some had him 4.85/4.88 and others in the high 4.9's... 4.51 short shuttle... 7.88/7.90 three-cone... did 20 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6045, 266 pounds... all times were recorded on an indoor Astroturf-type carpet that was rolled out for the workout, but his positional drills were done outdoors.

ILLINOIS (March 16th) senior quarterback JON BEUTJER ran between 4.58 and 4.65 in the 40... 4.12 short shuttle... 6.68 three-cone... 40" vertical and 10'3" broad jump... weighed in at 6044, 213 pounds... he has always had the physical tools, but was slowed in recent years by injuries and inconsistency... good developmental-type signal caller... senior linebacker MATT SINCLAIR ran between 4.72 and 4.75 in the 40... 4.11 short shuttle... 6.85 three-cone... 31.5" vertical... 9'5" broad jump and also did 19 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6022, 244 pounds... versatile linebacker that could sneak into the last few rounds... Atlanta, Carolina, New England and Tennessee would be possible destinations... senior defensive end MIKE O'BRIEN ran between 4.75 and 4.81 in the 40... 4.62 short shuttle... 7.08 three-cone... 27" vertical... 8'10" broad jump and did 25 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6054, 246 pounds... has the frame to continue growing; 260-265 would be his max weight... all times were recorded on an outdoor Fieldturf surface.

SYRACUSE (March 16th) senior offensive tackle ADAM TERRY ran 4.81 short shuttle... 7.85 three-cone... 7'9" broad jump and also did 21 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6077, 325 pounds... also did positional drills... has slipped a bit since the start of the Senior Bowl week, as many felt that he would have the chance to be a solid first-round pick, but is now more likely to be taken in the second round... type of guy that has some upside, but is more of a Jon Jansen (Washington) kind of guy, as he should become a very solid pro, but maybe not that "Franchise" type tackle... senior offensive lineman MATT TARULLO ran between 5.42 and 5.45 in the 40... 4.78 short shuttle... 7.75 three-cone... 28" vertical... 8'8" broad jump and also did 14 reps of 225 pounds... has played both guard and center in college... versatile guy with limited quickness/athleticism... FA type that will get a few looks since he can play multiple spots... senior running back WALTER REYES ran between 4.51 and 4.55 in the 40... 4.25 short shuttle... 7.31 three-cone... weighed in at 5093, 210 pounds... also did positional drills... ran a little slower in the 40 and drills than expected... more of a change-of-pace back, but if he can stay healthy he could be productive in that role... senior safety DIAMOND FERRI ran between 4.61 and 4.66 in the 40... 4.16 short shuttle... 7.08 three-cone... 35" vertical... 9'6" broad jump... weighed in at 5102, 224 pounds... all times were recorded on an indoor turf-type surface.

CLEMSON (March 15th) senior tight end BEN HALL ran between 4.81 and 4.90 in the 40... 4.78 short shuttle... 7.52 three-cone... 32.5" vertical... 10'1" broad jump and also did 18 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6046, 261 pounds... under-achiever in college... has very good physical tools... but had off-field and academic issues... if he can put it all together there might be a pretty good football player inside of him... senior running back YUSEF KELLY ran between 4.56 and 4.61 in the 40... 4.52 short shuttle... 7.58 three-cone... 33.5" vertical... 9'4" broad jump and also did 24 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 5104, 237 pounds... north-south back that sometimes thinks he has more quickness/wiggle than he actually does... has shown some good straight-line speed at times... average hands and not much of blocker considering his size... all times were recorded on an indoor carpet (Mondo), which caused a lot of slipping and sliding.


UTAH junior quarterback ALEX SMITH will hold a private workout with several members of San Francisco later this week... the 49ers would like to put him through their own scripted workout before heading back for further evaluation.

*GEORGIA (March 30th) prospects, both senior and junior, including junior OLB/S THOMAS DAVIS, junior LB ODELL THURMAN, senior DE/LB DAVID POLLACK, senior WR REGGIE BROWN and senior LB ARNOLD HARRISON were all part of a private workout held on-campus for members of the Miami Dolphins, including head coach Nick Saban, held Wednesday, March 30th.

ARKANSAS senior wide receiver/tight end MATT JONES has drawn additional interest from Chicago, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay.

ALABAMA senior offensive linemen EVAN MATHIS and DANNY MARTZ are two of several senior prospects that will have private workouts with Philadelphia on Monday, as offensive line coach Juan Castillo is likely to be in attendance.

ALABAMA-BIRMINGHAM senior wide receiver RODDY WHITE has been drawing additional interest from Washington... who may try to schedule a private visit with him before the draft.

ALBANY, NY senior offensive lineman GEIR GUDMUNDSEN will have a private workout with the NY Giants on Friday.

AUBURN senior defensive lineman JAY RATLIFF has a private visit scheduled with Jacksonville on April 10-11th.

BENTLEY, MA senior quarterback MARC EDDY has started to draw added attention from teams, since his Pro Day workout on March 23rd, which came as part of the Pro Day held at Boston College... while he rotated with two other quarterbacks, who got to basically throw two passes to every one of his, there were a few teams that came over and have now requested additional game film... his workout results were good; 6022, 223 pounds, 5.10/5.12 40-times, but he threw the ball fairly well and will likely have a few more tapes evaluated between now and the draft... Kansas City seemed to pay closer attention to him.

CENTRAL MICHIGAN senior linebacker ANTHONY TYUS had a private workout on-campus with Indianapolis last Wednesday.

CINCINNATI senior linebacker JAMAR ENZOR will have a private workout with Cincinnati on Wednesday, April 7th... will be back home in Tallahassee, FL at the end of this week... Please contact his agent to schedule additional workouts or visits.

COLORADO SCHOOL OF MINES senior quarterback CHAD FRIEHAUF has had a few teams come into the school to review additional game film and do private workouts on him.

CONNECTICUT senior wide receiver KERON HENRY, a former quarterback, who ran between 4.55 and 4.62 in the 40 at his Pro Day (March 24th), has been getting evaluated for the most part by teams as a wide receiver... with Minnesota paying close attention to his progress... but there are a handful of teams that are looking at him as more of an athlete with the potential to see some time on defense, as a safety.

CONNECTICUT senior defensive end TYLER KING has been getting additional attention from Atlanta, Baltimore, Green Bay and Minnesota.

CONNECTICUT senior offensive lineman RYAN KRUG is getting additional attention from several teams... he is more of a PFA right now, as he played mostly tackle in college, but is seen as a guard for the NFL game... has average athleticism and quickness... but displayed impressive weight room strength at his Pro Day (30 reps of 225 pounds)... if he goes un-drafted expect to see him signed quickly by Green Bay.

CONNECTICUT senior running back CHRIS BELLAMY is getting some added attention from teams since his Pro Day (March 24th)... some teams are evaluating him as a possible all-purpose guy (RB, WR, RT)... he ran between 4.50 and 4.55 in the 40... 37" vertical.

DELAWARE senior defensive lineman CHRIS MOONEY has been drawing additional interest from New Orleans, NY Giants and Philadelphia... he had a private workout with the NY Giants recently.

FORDHAM senior cornerback/return man TAD KORNEGAY will be available to workout at Villanova's Pro Day on Wednesday... also has a private workout with the NY Giants on Friday.

GEORGIA senior linebacker ARNOLD HARRISON had private visits with Atlanta (April 12-13th) and Seattle (April 7-8th)... he has also seen additional interest from Jacksonville and Kansas City.

GRACELAND, IA senior wide receiver/return man DANTE JOHNSON has received additional attention from both Kansas City and Philadelphia... both teams have requested game film on him for further evaluation.

HOUSTON senior tight end STEPHEN CUCCI has a private visit with Philadelphia scheduled for next week... had one last week with Tennessee.

KENT STATE senior running back DAVID ALSTON has received additional interest from most of the 22 teams that have seen him at one of several Pro Days he has attended... Alston has run 4.40-or-better which has made a number of scouts go back to his game films.

KENT STATE senior defensive back ABRAM ELAM has drawn additional attention from Cleveland.

LOUISIANA TECH junior running back RYAN MOATS has drawn additional attention from Atlanta.

LOUISVILLE senior quarterback STEFAN LEFORS has a private workout with New England scheduled for Tuesday.

MASSACHUSETTS senior fullback RICH DEMERS has a private workout with New England scheduled for later today, 10AM on-campus.

MEMPHIS senior fullback ROBERT DOUGLAS has a private workout with the NY Giants scheduled for Wednesday (April 6) and a private visit with Seattle the following day (April 7th)... had a private workout with Philadelphia last week.

MIAMI senior cornerback ANTREL ROLLE has private visits scheduled with Carolina, Detroit, Houston, Miami and San Francisco... several other teams were interested, but he opted not to make additional visits at this time.

MIAMI junior running back FRANK GORE has private visits with Miami and Tennessee scheduled.

MISSOURI senior wide receiver THOMSON OMBOGA has a private workout scheduled with Dallas on April 8th.

N.C. STATE senior offensive tackle CHRIS COLMER has been drawing additional attention from Atlanta, Detroit, Jacksonville, Miami, New England, NY Jets, Philadelphia, San Diego and Tennessee.

NEW MEXICO HIGHLANDS senior defensive back/return man DONTA BRIGHT (#2) his private workout numbers have been very impressive... routinely has hit 40" vertical... and well over 10'0" in the broad jump... has been timed at-or-below the 4.5 range... weighs 6002, 190 pounds... had 48 tackles, 7.5 tackles for loss, 5.5 sacks, two interceptions, both of which he returned for touchdowns, four pass breakups, one forced fumble and two blocked kicks... has drawn additional interest from Baltimore and Green Bay.

NORTHERN ARIZONA senior running back/return man ROGER ROBINSON has received additional interest from a wide-variety of teams (11 total) since his Pro Day... St. Louis recently requested additional game film, while Oakland has been doing some background checking on him, having contacted his old high school coach.

NORTHERN ARIZONA senior punter/kicker PAUL ERNSTER has had a few special teams coaches come to the school to give him private workouts over the past few weeks.

NORTHERN COLORADO senior linebacker RYAN PALMER has received additional interest from Oakland and Tennessee.

OHIO U. senior defensive back CHIP COX has a private visit scheduled with Indianapolis.

PURDUE senior fullback JON GOLDSBERRY has private visits with Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Jacksonville scheduled for the next few weeks.

RUTGERS senior offensive tackle RON GREEN has been rehabbing a shoulder injury that required off-season surgery... we will have a full report on his progress and the procedure done later this week... he is a former JC All-American... top games of his senior year came against Connecticut and Michigan State.

VIRGINIA senior safety JERMAINE HARDY had a private workout on-campus with Baltimore last Thursday... the Ravens have been evaluating/working out a number of late round/PFA type safeties over the past few weeks.

WEST VIRGINIA senior defensive lineman JASON HARDEE has a private workout scheduled with San Francisco on April 9th.

WINONA STATE senior quarterback BRIAN WROBEL has impressed a number of teams that have gone in for private workouts... he's a very underrated athlete with better arm strength than most had thought previously... if he does not earn a spot somewhere in the NFL right away... the CFL game will allow him to potentially follow in the footsteps of guys like Dave Dickinson and Ricky Ray.


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