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MORSE: 13 Observations from the Patriots’ Win over Jets

Mark Morse
Mark Morse on Twitter
2 weeks ago at 9:02 am ET
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MORSE: 13 Observations from the Patriots’ Win over JetsNov 20, 2022; Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA; New England Patriots cornerback Marcus Jones (25) returns the ball for a touchdown against the New York Jets during the second half at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

What a way to end a rather dull game with an 84-yard Punt return for a TD.  Marcus Jones was the only Draft Pick I got correct in my projection for the 2022 draft.  The reason I picked Jones was because of his speed and great return skills.  He fit a need for the Patriots and he came through on Sunday.  I still can’t believe the Jets actually kicked it to him with 26 seconds left in the game.  If they just kick it out of bounds, the Patriots probably would have kneeled down and gone on to Overtime.  Instead, Mann hit a line drive punt through the wind and outkicked his coverage.  Jones went untouched all the way.  I must admit I was screaming at the top of my lungs about the block in the back by Mack Wilson at the 5-yard line.  It was obvious, but just as bizarre as this game was, so was the non-call.  It actually wasn’t the only missed call on the play as another Patriot blocked a Jet in the back to help spring Jones at the beginning of the play.

  • The Official spotting the ball at the end of plays was brutal in this game. They missed a 1st down by Zach Wilson on a 13-yard scramble.  The Jets had to challenge the play and won.  Later Davante Parker caught a pass and appeared to have the 1st down, only for the ball to be marked a yard short.  Another play had Mac Jones running a QB sneak on 2nd  He appeared to have the 1st but again the refs moved it back a yard short.  At the end of the 1st quarter, Jones completed a pass to Bourne who appeared to have the 1st down.  Again the refs placed the ball short.
  • The Officials just didn’t miss calls against the Patriots, they absolutely blew the call of holding against Jon Jones late in the game which gave the Jets a 1st On the play Matt Judon was blatantly held, and no call.  It went both ways.
  • I thought this was a very poorly managed game by the patriots coaching staff. The Patriots coaches didn’t challenge the spot on Jones’s sneak or Bourne’s catch.  They had the entire break between the 1st and 2nd Quarter passed and no challenge.  They line up to go for it on 4th down and inches, but call timeout and kick the FG.  Later in the quarter, they have another opportunity to challenge and don’t because they have used their 2nd timeout with 7:28 left in the quarter.
  • Offensive play calling was predictable again. I liked that they threw more on 1st down, but by the end of the game The Jets had figured it out and blitzed 6 late in the game on 1st
  • I thought Mac Jones played very well considering how badly the offensive line played. Jones was sacked 6 times.  It appeared to me the Patriots concentrated on the timing between Mac Jones and his receivers running their routes.  When Jones has time to pass he is outstanding.  He was 23 of 27 for 246 yards and no interceptions.  He would rather take a sack than throw the ball up for grabs.  Jones has faced the Jets front four twice and the Colts front (no slouches there either) in his last three games, all wins.  Yes, it wasn’t pretty but he will play better if the line can tighten up (BIG Question Mark).
  • The Jets Defense is very good. They are the reason the Jets are 6-4.  The Jets had won 4 games in a row on the road.  This is the 1st game that Zach Wilson had no interceptions (He tried to give us two) and lost.
  • What an outstanding game by the Patriots’ Defense. They held the Jets to 103 yards of total offense, 59 yards rushing, and 77 yards passing.  Wilson was their leading rusher with 26 yards on 3 scrambles when the Patriots lost containment.  Wilson was just 9 of 22, the defense only allowed 6 first downs, and they were 3 of 14 on third down.  Patriots won the time of possession 35:30 to 24:30.  Yet with 26 seconds left the score was still tied at 3.
  • Judon (1.5), Dugger (1) and Wise (1), and Mack Wilson (.5) had sacks. Bentley was a beast against the run with 9 tackles.
  • The Patriots had to many penalties as they were hit with 8 for 55 yards. Twice they were in the Red Zone and gave up a sack and then a holding penalty to make it difficult for Folk to kick (2 misses).
  • Let’s talk about the offensive line. They are in trouble.  David Andrews was lost in the 2nd quarter and it appears he will be out for a while.  To add to the misery, Isaiah Wynn went out with an injured foot.  Trent Brown came in and gave up a sack and hold.  James Ferentz gave up a sack and hold.  Yodny Cajuste was a turnstile at Right Tackle.  Cole Strange had his usual problems at LG.  I think Matt Patricia needs to concentrate on the O line and leave the offense to Joe Judge and Nick Caley.
  • Caley was blocked from leaving to join Josh McDaniel in Las Vegas. Caley turned down a contract extension in the off-season because it did not specify what his duties would be.  The Patriots are in danger of losing another good young coach if they don’t promote him.
  • Rhamondre Stevenson is a star already. He had 6 catches for 56 yards.  The Pats concentrated on getting the ball out quickly and Stevenson responded.  Damien Harris contributed 65 yards rushing on 8 carries.   Stevenson was bottled up on his 15 carries for only 26 yards.  The Jets held the Pats at 99 yards rushing.
  • The wind was brutal blowing at 20 MPH with gusts to 40 MPH. Folk missed two FG, highly unusual for him.  The wind also forced Belichick to go for a 4th and 3 in that no-man’s land between the 35 and 45-yard line.  Too far to kick an FG and too close to punt.

I picked the Jets to win and they were in a position to do it except for a brain fart at the end of the game.  Onto Minnesota who should be smarting from the shellacking, they took at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys.

I will be off for a week and return in time for the Thursday Night game versus the Buffalo Bills.  Happy Thanksgiving to all the Patriots fans.

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