INSIDE THE NUMBERS: Garoppolo Finished With a Strong Resume

Ian Logue
October 30, 2017 at 11:10 pm ET

Jimmy Garoppolo may have only managed two regular season starts during his tenure in New England, but he certainly made the most of them.

Overall, Garoppolo completed 42-of-59 (71%) for 496 yards and 4 touchdowns in his two starts last season, with his run ending after he suffered a shoulder injury against the Dolphins in Week 2 that knocked him out of the line-up and ended his tenure as a starter.

One of the numbers that stands out is the fact that Garoppolo was 14-of-17 (82%) on third down last season, with 13 passing first downs, including 2 touchdowns.

2016 Jimmy Garoppolo Passing By Down:
16-of-23 (70%) 185yds
2nd: 12-of-19 (63%) 116yds 2 TDs
3rd:  14-of-17 (82%) 195yds 2 TDs

Week 1 Notable Numbers Against Arizona: Garoppolo’s opening season win over the Cardinals last season saw him complete 73% of his passes after he completed 24-of-33 for 264 yards and a touchdown.  He was also 8-of-10 (80%) for 107yds on third down, but the interesting part of this stat is the fact he completed passes to six different receivers with 7 passing first downs.

Week 1: Passing By Down:
9-of-12 (75%) 81yds
2nd: 7-of-11 (64%) 76yds 1 TD
3rd: 8-of-10 (80%) 107yds

Week 1: Third Down Targets:

J. White – 3/3 (100%) 12yds, 2 First Downs
J.Edelman – 1/1 (100%) 11yds, 1 First Down
D.Amendola – 1/2 (50%) 32yds, 1 First Down
C.Hogan – 1/1 (100%) 19yds, 1 First Down
M.Mitchell – 1/2 (50%) 28yds, 1 First Down
M.Bennett – 1/1 (100%) 5yds, 1 First Down

Another interesting note from this game is the fact that he finished the contest with a win, but never attempted a pass down in the red zone.

Week 2 Notable Numbers against Miami: Against the Dolphins, Garoppolo opened the game completing his first eight passes, finishing 18-of-26 (69%) for 232 yards and 3 touchdowns before his injury in the second quarter while completing passes to eight different receivers.

Over that span, he was also a perfect 3-of-3 in the red zone and completed 6-of-7 (86%) for 88yds and two touchdowns on third down.

Week 2: Passing By Down:
7/11 (64%) 104yds
2nd: 5/8 (63%) 40yds 1TD
3rd:  6/7 (86%) 88yds 2TDs

Garoppolo only had one other game in 2016 where he had a pass attempt, which came in a blowout win for New England in Week 16.  He finished just 1-of-2 in that game for 6 yards.

Two games obviously doesn’t make an NFL career but it was enough for him to secure enough confidence for a team like the 49ers to want to bring him in.  Now the hope for Garoppolo will be for him to avoid the pitfalls previous Patriots quarterbacks have fallen into as starters with other teams, with past players Matt Cassell, Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett among names who failed to have any long-term success with each of their respective teams.