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The Patriots Should Not Trade Jimmy Garoppolo This Offseason

The Patriots Should Not Trade Jimmy Garoppolo This Offseason

Russ Goldman
February 15, 2017 at 1:33 pm ET

There has been much talk on social media, and in the press regarding the potential for the Patriots to trade Jimmy Garoppolo now because his value could be very high with several teams potentially needing a quarterback. I understand the talk regarding this player, but I feel strongly that the Patriots should not trade Garoppolo this offseason.

First, if you have a player that could potentially be your next franchise quarterback, why would you trade him? I understand that they can probably get a first round draft pick, and more in a trade, but I would rather have the player than the picks. If you have a chance to have the next starting quarterback, you hold on to him this season and see how everything develops with Tom Brady moving forward.

Brady might play another five years, but I would see how he plays next season before deciding to trade Garoppolo. I have seen no drop off to Brady’s play, but knowing his age, I think it makes sense to evaluate his play after each season. Garoppolo is still under contract for this season, so they do not have to trade him and can wait until next season.

Second, you could still trade him after the 2017 season, if you felt it was necessary to do that. Just remember that they can franchise him after the 2017 season, and then trade him like they did with Matt Cassel. The Patriots still hold all of their cards, and I don’t think they need to play one now.

Third, what is more valuable to the Patriots franchise? Would it be the second quarterback, who the team has been grooming for three seasons to take over someday, or the third quarterback which is Jacoby Brissett, who is two years behind Garoppolo in experience, and is a different type of quarterback?

Fourth, Garoppolo’s style is very similar to Brady, as he has the quick release, and in the Patriots offense that is vital for what the team likes to do. Brissett has several attributes that are appealing like his strong arm, and potentially very positive pocket presence, but his long delivery is not a natural fit for the Patriots offense. The Patriots like their quarterbacks to do everything fast, and unfortunately, Brissett’s release is a hindrance.

To summarize, I feel that the draft picks are nice, but I think the Patriots owe it to themselves the chance to wait one more season and evaluate where they are at that point. The worst case scenario by waiting is that they get a compensatory pick down the road, but by waiting they give themselves more time to see if they have the quarterback already in-house to lead the Patriots for many years to come.

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