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To tide you over until Sunday's newest game against the Bills, let's go back 19 years ago. One of the strangest, craziest finishes to a game cost a homeless man thousands of dollars.

Here is a great article to read on this. Lots of great stuff from Vinateri and others.

'The baddest beat they ever saw'

And here are a few highlights. I remember Bledsoe had a broken finger and how Coates was so silky smooth in the End zone.

Here's the AV 2 pointer. Imagine if Belichick did that today just like Pete, the Internet would blow up thinking he was arrogant and running up the score!

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Two things I thought right away.

1. Wade Phillips looks like he ate a turd sandwich. Little did he realize he eat a lot more of those from the Pats over the next twenty years.

2. Cross calling those two of the greatest comebacks, Miami the week before, in Patriots history. I doubt their top 20 any longer.


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Like a fine wine, aged well.

But I do have to say with having this thread in close time-juxtaposition with the 'BB no difference/reaction to FIVE TDs' thread, that I am reminded how much more respectable BB is when compared to Carroll out there jumping and tackling other coaches.


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Is that the game where Shawn Jefferson caught a pass like 10 feet oob on 4th down and they still gave us the first :)