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NEW ARTICLE: Patriots Don't Get Any Help After Rams Can't Complete an Epic Comeback

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Sep 12th

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Patriots Don't Get Any Help After Rams Can't Complete an Epic Comeback
Ian Logue
The Patriots might know how to overcome a 28-3 deficit and win a football game, but the Los Angeles Rams couldn't quite pull off one of their own after falling to the Bills on Sunday at Orchard Park.

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Wordsmyth Supporter Supporter
The silver lining to this cloud: the Jills' D is not invulnerable. They gave up a crapload of points in a hurry. That bodes well for the Pats when these teams meet.


In the Starting Line-Up
The drive at the end by Allen was very impressive. That kid is unbelievable tough. That is a game the Bills lose in the past. Confidence builder for them and Allen for sure. That being said, I feel good about our offense vs their defense. I can't believe we don't play them until mid-season.

captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
Terribly-schemed & undisciplined defense by Lams on that final drive...But the topper was that All-Time Worst-caliber DPI call...not just incompetent, but Criminally Incompetent...

Feckin Billiards should be 1-2...

reflexblue Supporter Supporter
The title is Sooo long it reminds me of this one...

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Gift of Pornographic Monkey to Vice Premiere Mikhael Pence to Make Benefit Recently Diminished Nation of Kazakhstan.