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NEW ARTICLE: Nine Thoughts Following the Patriots’ Preseason Game Against the Texans

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Dec 3rd Article

Pro Bowl Player

captain stone Retired Jersey Club
Jalen Mills: our starting Free Safety?

Those two flags thrown against Eukalele by those over-officious jerks were totally Bogus.

Still feel that Mafi's a much more natural Right Guard than a Left one, but yeah he's a Lock... I thought Siddy the Sow, on the other hand, looked awful for most of the night, though I expect him to also be a Lock.

Zappy looked uncomfortable the entire time he was out there and had no confidence in the protection he was receiving, and he certainly performed that way... Exactly as Mac would've done behind that same OL while attempting to throw to those same targets.

Cunningham was the best QB on the field last night, for either side, but unless he blows the doors off the fudgePackers & Titties, I still believe that he can be passed through waivers unclaimed.


Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
Siddy the Sow met Buffy the Vampire slayer one day on the way to get new tires on his Chevy.

And thus begins Captain Stone’s children’s book.

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