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Sep 12th

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captain stone

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"...The work continued, with Edelman even seeing time on defense in 2011, which included a big hit against LaDainian Tomlinson, as well as a bigger role on Monday night football against the Kansas City Chiefs.

He did a good job in that game as New England rolled to a 34-3 win, which also included a 72-yard touchdown return as a punt returner.

He finished the season with 13 tackles including one for a loss as well as a quarterback hit, which came in Week 12 against the Eagles during the third-quarter on a 3rd-and-10 against then QB, Vince Young, which forced an incompletion and a punt. New England went on to win that game 38-20.

But his versatility was key that season, with injuries taking their toll on that side of the football and he was definitely a difference-maker..."

Hell by the time the 2011 POs rolled around, he was one of their Best DBs...

And he might've scored a TD in the SB if Brady had seen him open on 3rd/4 inside the Vagiants 10...We could've used those extra 4 points...
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DarrylS Supporter Supporter
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#11 is an iconic Patriot who gave his all, all the time.

Was always impressed during TC to see his hustle, he was full speed all of the time. Whether it be shagging punts or running drills.. he never let up and never slowed down. His prowess during games is well documented. One of the 53 will have to work as hard to fill his mighty shoes.. somehow he will be affiliated with this organization in some yet to be defined role.