Hej from Stockholm, Sweden!

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Oct 4th

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Hi there, (or "hej" as we say in Sweden)

I have been a Pats fan for just five or six years, my normal sport is the game you play with your feet, called football. Or soccer, in stranger languages. If you ever come to Stockholm, I will bring you to the best fan experience you will ever have.
Patriots Sweden was featured as Fan club of the month earlier this year, and I am proud to be a part of it. Fan Club of the Month: Patriots Sweden

I have yet to see a game at Gillette, but I went to the Rams game in London a few years ago. But I have a trip planned in late October/early November that will bring me to Boston to visit Patriots Hall of Fame, as well as the road game in Buffalo. I will post a separate thread regarding how to select Pats-friendly seats and finding a welcoming tailgate before the game...