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PatsFanSince74 Supporter Supporter
Last season really sucked. No one was hating on the Pats. Some media and opposing fans were actually feeling bad for them.

Thank God, the hate is slowly returning. Here's hoping that it will soon be back louder than ever.

Patriots without hate from their opponents' fans is like a day without sunshine.


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There's this one, because apparently the San Francisco fanbase hates us now, too:
Everyone loves Mac Jones, and for that, mankind must pay
That isn't the SF fanbase, that's Drew Magery who's hatred of the Patriots is hotter than the fire of a thousand suns all the way back to his Deadspin days where he used to author the 'Why your team sucks' articles for every team during preseason. His articles from that series about the Pats are things of f**cking beauty.


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I just spent ten minutes reading the GangGrene message board. It was like reading the thoughts of ancient ape people bathing in bullsh$t.
I mean you did typed in "ganggreen" into your browser correct? And you were surprised by the results? Apparently modern people can have the same thought process of ancient ape people too....

Don't shoot missiles to Stafford, VA please! :rofl:


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What's up with this obsession with "ad-libbing". Oh he doesn't "ad-lib" so he can't be that good. Because that's working out SO well for Mahomes this year...

Being able to make a play out-of-structure when things break down is great, but that line of thinking has gone so far that these days it seems like being able to make out-of-structure plays is more important than being able to just play IN-STRUCTURE. I don't know how people have been NFL fans and have watched Tom Brady annihilate the league for 2 decades and somehow have come to the conclusion that "ad-libbing" is the most important thing.

Great point Incredible athletic talent is obvious, and greatly desired, but becoming a great NFL QB requires so much more than that. What was once used as a knock on B Brady was and is his greatest attribute as a QB, game management. He doesn’t just go out and score points as fast as possible, he sucks the life out of opponents when he’s ahead, and puts the pedal to the floor down 28-3. QB is more than being a great athlete, it’s managing all the situations they face to the advantage of their team,
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reflexblue Supporter Supporter
I don't think other fan bases ever stopped hating the Patriots. 20 years of suffering does not go away quickly. At 2-4 the hatred was focused on celebrating the death of the Patriots dynasty and the reveling in the fact that the new QB had a pea shooter arm, BB had lost it and nepotism was going to keep the team down for many years. No one is laughing anymore. Much better to be hated that pitied.
''No ones laughing any more'' ........GOOD
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A San Fran fan, where they shyt on the street, shoot drugs in the churches, public libraries, 26 gender bathrooms etc, rob 950 dollars worth of goods from every store in the metro area and pay 5000 dollars a square foot for a one room apartment overlooking their stinking bay? THAT San Francisco? This utter shytstain is running his mouth from THERE? The space aliens have landed and are among us
Not just the metro area...
Nordstrom looted by 80 perps in ski masks with crowbars and weapons… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS


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I don’t know what’s funnier the “Seems like” post or the puke reaction to it lmao. Maybe Ian can add that reaction here! :D