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BB odds to lose his job as HC in 2021?

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From (I don't have a direct link - got this from another article. I'll try to find the link)

(Edit - I can't find the link and the article I was looking at seems to have removed BB so maybe it wasn't accurate or it's out of date. Mods can delete or lock if they want. BB was originally listed as 11/1 - 4th highest)

Anyway the odds BB gets fired are so microscopic it's not worth discussing. There's been some buzz about BB retiring and I'm sure that's why these odds are high but I'm also sure he wouldn't walk away now with the rebuild ahead, at least not before the end of the season. I'm sure one of these guys on that list will go a lot sooner.
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Well the thread and this bet says lose job which could mean he resigns. Which is losing your job voluntarily....
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o% for this season, but it could heat up a lot if:

  • He can't attract any worthy FA's or re-sign anyone worthy currently on the team (Ninkovich's prophesy of the "mass exodus" continuing).
  • Can't find a competent QB.
  • He has another bad draft.
  • They have a worse record than 2020.
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