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  1. Seneschal2

    Ex-Illinois coach Ron Zook lauds Tavon Wilson's versatility

    As I've mentioned before, Scott is not a suitable example of a Pats draft bust, as he was IR'd his first two seasons in the league. Hardly poor scouting by Belichick when a highly productive draftee can't overcome his injuries to remain on the Pats roster, and prove why he was worthy enough to...
  2. Seneschal2

    From PFT: Mangini wishes he had take-backsies

    :( I feel like I want to invite you to a party -- except I don't do parties. :(
  3. Seneschal2

    John Harbaugh is a cry baby

    I heard the audio of his Q&A and had no problem with what he said. Fans and media are too reactive and consistently rush to manufacture controversy. The human race is not as evolved as some may think. The lynch mob mentality still exists -- where facts are seldom welcomed. Correct. As disturbing...
  4. Seneschal2

    Ex-Illinois coach Ron Zook lauds Tavon Wilson's versatility

    I posted the following in it's own thread, but it seems to fit better here:
  5. Seneschal2

    How could the front 7 look next year

    Nick Saban has a different opinion on Hightower: Nick Saban: If he lands in a 3-4 defense, Courtney Upshaw bound for 'very good career' | Dallas Cowboys News - Sports News for Dallas, Texas - SportsDayDFW
  6. Seneschal2

    Welcome Alfonzo Dennard

    He shut down 3 larger receivers: Blackmon 6'1" 207 McNutt 6' 3' 226 Cunningham 6'1" 211 That's very Ty Law-like, who was admittingly tougher vs the larger folks. --- Yeah, he and Jeffery got tossed out of the bowl game. Tough kid, but have to play smarter in your bowl game -- the team needs...
  7. Seneschal2

    Welcome Tavon Wilson!

    Bump -- just updated info.
  8. Seneschal2

    Grade the 2012 Patriots draft

    Epic win. Very familiar with four players: Jones, Hightower, Bequette, Dennard. Confident I know how they'll complement the Pats core players, and how their addition will upgrade the entire D. Never heard of Tavon Wilson, but researched the heck out of him last night. What I was able to find...
  9. Seneschal2

    Grade the 2012 Patriots draft

    Really? I usually wait at least 2-3 years. :rolleyes: But we can still respond to a poll now before they all hit the field.
  10. Seneschal2

    Welcome Tavon Wilson!

    Mods, please merge all of his threads into this one. We have the welcome mat out for Jones, Hightower, and Dennard. It's only right we also welcome Tavon to the Pats. Researched the heck out of him last night, found some impressive tidbits: Longtime HC at Illinois (now former) was Ron Zook...
  11. Seneschal2

    Do you think Kiper knows what the coaches know?

    :ugh: The Pats do not draft according to consensus rankings. They seek out players who fit their system based on specific criteria. The Pats scouts and coaches know this criteria, the Kipers of the world do not. Some sleeper picks are known, and some are not. Facts are -- some do succeed. And...
  12. Seneschal2

    The Official NFL Draft Day 2 thread

    New England Patriots 2012 Draft: Tavon Wilson Scouting Report | Bleacher Report Tavon Wilson - 2012 Draft Tracker -
  13. Seneschal2

    Day 1 is in the books/ Who you got for Day 2

    CB Chase Minnifield - on my Pats list for two seasons. Excellent sub-package prospect. Solid all-around player w/ ball skills. Josh Robinson - maybe the draft's fastest CB, but most attractive is this unmentioned fact: Tied Asante Samuel's passes defensed record (interceptions & tipped passes)...
  14. Seneschal2

    We see what we expect to see

    Correct. BB only gave up a 3rd and 4th for these two tradeups, which is in line with the most he's ever given up -- a 3rd and 7th for Graham way back when. I actually think he may have had reservations about parting w/ even one second-rounder this draft, which he kind of hinted at here: