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Jul 26, 2015
Oct 4, 2007
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June 28
Sharon, MA

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On the Roster, from Sharon, MA

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Jul 26, 2015
    1. Mrs.PatsFanInVa
      HA! I'm this close <> to losing it. LOL I detest religious bible thumpers - they're always so wrong.
    2. DarrylS
      No this is DarrylS that has been here for a while.. post a lot here, also post on other forums, but stay out of many of the inane arguments on the "big" board...

      Welcome, you will be denigrated by many on the right of this board, there is a real tendency towards misogyny here.
    3. PATSNUTme
      There is just enough snow up here to keep the courses closed- and they say 2-5 inches tomorrow.

      I'm just starting my draft work. Waiting for some guides to come out. Been checking the sites but I'm old fashioned- I like written copies in my hands. Next week I should get a couple of "primers" and off I go.

      Yes, this last loss hurt because it was so winnable and it was to the Giants- again. But I've been around a long time and still am grateful for this time in my Patriots fandom.
    4. PATSNUTme
      The last I heard from him he said that he had been very busy. He didn't say what he was busy with. He had had some family issues, with health a while ago, so I don't know if that is still the main thing. He did say that he planned to be back posting before the draft.

      I've cut back on my message board posting but being amod here, I get dragged into stuff.

      How have you been? Well, I hope. the winter has been mild and if it stay that way, I'll be getting the clubs ready early. but I won't be getting new balls this year.):
    5. PatsFanLisa
      Hi Box! Have you posted your thoughts on the draft this year anywhere? I can't seem to find it if you have. All in all, after a day's rest and time to digest, I'm overall pretty happy. I understand everyone's dismay over the 1st pick, but since this is a pass-driven league, you can't have too many good CBs, and McCourty might just be the next Asante. And since we had virtually no return game last year, who knows, maybe he's the next Devin Hester or Desmond Howard. BB obviously thought he was a combo of both positions.

      I like the Gronk pick, though you know my binky was Gresham. I like Spikes, don't know much about Cunningham. And whether we ended up with the right punter or not, how can you pass on a name like Zoltan? lol.

      How are you? I am virtually off the other board for the most part. Too much crap going on right now, and I'm tired of being called out for being a serial attacker. I'll be lurking here but won't really post.
    6. Box_O_Rocks
      Can't, I know me and how I wage war - there's still a few patsfans folk who remember the last one. I need time to pray, let the anger dissipate, and get myself back on an even keel. Some evils shouldn't be tolerated, in this case I'd do no good taking the confrontation further - and I would.
    7. Box_O_Rocks
      You missed nothing, you were in the middle of it; I just reached the point where I was going to go PFL throughout the entire forum on that sorry.... For the sake of some long-suffering mods with whom I rarely disagree, I'm taking a break.
    8. Box_O_Rocks
      Sorry Lisa, I needed a sabbatical to avoid a flame war - you understand.
    9. PATSNUTme
      I hope that you are not leaving the Planet for good. Sometimes taking a little break is good. I'll let the other mods know that you are the real deal. As you can see there are many more members here, so it's hard to "know" all of them.
    10. PatsFanLisa
      Thanks for the welcome, my friend. This place is a little intimidating, even for me! And you know I'm not a shy wallflower, by any means. I'll just lurk for a bit and see if I can fit in here. I'll be around!!!
    11. PATSNUTme
      Hey! Welcome aboard. Let's see - there's Box and there's Box:) Some here post over there under different user names. Several who post over there have been banned from here.

      This is by and large a serious football forum. Too serious in many cases and the debates can get heated. Just let me know if someone get's out of line. I'm the law here and Hell is coming with me.:) We don't allow people to get out of line and the other members are not shy about sending complaints if someone does.

      patchick is very smart and does a great job on the draft forum. There are many other women posters who know their stuff , like you. So just join in and you'll find people who you like and some who you will put on ignore. :)

      I go over to the planet because I can be a little cray there and have to be a mod here. I also go over there to lose all my casino cash to the evil blackjack dealer.
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    June 28
    Sharon, MA
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    Troy HOF80 Brown
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    Sausage & Onions
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