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    Harmon is paid well. He should play as well as a regular starter.
  2. J

    Gordon to IR

    Meyers is a really interesting piece for Bill to work on for the next 2-3 years. I think he is going to be one of the better UDFAs Bill has picked up when it is all said and done. He would have been drafted but was was slow on the 40. But the 40 is overrated see: Chad Jackson and Bethel Johnson.
  3. J

    Gordon to IR

    He was designated to return on Oct 15. Bill has 21 days to activate him. Until that happens he doesn't count against the 53. He also could simply not be activated, at which point the Pats basically wasted a 1 of 2 of their designations. That is what the blue check marks on twitter say.
  4. J

    Gordon to IR

    Sanu has missed like 2 games in 7 yrs. Gordon between substance abuse/mental health and football injuries has play like 10 games over the span of 5 yrs before coming to NE and hasn't had a good season since 2013. He is not the same player. Sanu isn't great but is a good fit for this offense...
  5. J

    Gordon to IR

    No. Harry is practicing but not counting for a spot. Next week he will count and they need the open spot for him.
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    Greatest Plays of the Patriots Dynasty

    Soilder eligible TD in playoffs The 3rd down punt by Brady which rolled in the wind as Bill predicted down to the 1/2 yard line Randy Moss / Brady - Giants for the records Edelman concussion catch on 3rd and 10+ to keep in the Sea SB
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    Patriots Best Draft Ever

    Absolutely amazing that after 2017 draft of Garcia Rivers Wise and McDermott the team made it to 2 super bowls . You would think in a strong class you have 2 starters and 2-3 contributors grinding it out in special teams and in key reserve roles. In this case Beli got about 25 snaps a game out...
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    OT: Nick Foles to Jax

    Will be interesting to see the contract. Foles is a starter but not that many teams need a veteran starter. So he needs Jax more than Jax needs him almost. Other than the Skins, who else could use a 25mm vet QB (i.e. ready to win now) as opposed to going into top tier of the draft?
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    Greg Schiano to be named DC

    A bit different. Those guys were young. Greg has been a HQ for several years at the highest levels of football and done a lot of winning.
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    Going to the Super Bowl

    I mean for those who are going through a site like vivid or SH
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    Going to the Super Bowl

    tickets are bouncing between 2400 and 3000 before fees per ticket for corners in the upper deck. Fees are 500-650 each. So 3k if you are lucky all-in for a bleeder.
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    Malcolm Butler Mega Thread

    I get why lots of people don't want to talk about it anymore. Fine. But I don't get why they come into the thread and critique people who are out of their mind after 13 days of analysis on this year's game but want to chat about tangential issues just to pass the time.
  13. J

    Overlooked: Edelman punt muff

    This is true. but it is still insane that it was that close.
  14. J

    Malcolm Butler Mega Thread

    Realistically 8-16 people probably know what happened: Belichick Adams Patricia Flores Defensive Backs Coach (BB's kid?) Kraft - have to assume BB answered to his boss An unknown person who Butler did something to 4-5 Secondary members (have to assume Butler told them if they didn't witness it...
  15. J

    Overlooked: Edelman punt muff

    Guys this has nothing to do with if Jules touched the ball or not. The rule of football is that you can't advance a muffed punt. This has nothing to do with playing through the whistle. It has nothing to do with the replay. Everyone I mentioned reacted incorrectly.