2nd Round Pick Dobson Comes to the Patriots With Plenty of Potential

Ian Logue
April 27, 2013 at 2:11 am ET

Having been to the Patriots pre-draft event just a few weeks ago, the fact they had so much tape on Marshall wide receiver Aaron Dobson should have been a strong indication about how they felt about him as a player.

Aaron Dobson was quite an impressive player during his tenure with Marshall. (FILE:USPresswire)

As I wrote while I was there, the team showed quite a bit of film of him featuring some incredible receptions Dobson made during his collegiate career and it was a highlight reel that was nothing short of spectacular.  That display had fans buzzing about him on their way out of the stadium that afternoon and Friday night the Patriots selected him with the 52nd overall selection in the second round.

Most scouting reports call Dobson the most promising pro receiver prospect to come out of Marshall since Randy Moss. We all know the type of player Moss was during his time here in New England, as well as the fact Bill Belichick considered him among the smartest players he had ever coached.
Friday night Belichick also used that all important word to describe Dobson, as well as praising his athleticism.

“He was a great high school basketball player and football player,” said Belichick.  “[He was] very productive at Marshall, had a real good Senior Bowl.”

“He’s big, he’s fast, he’s got good hands, he’s a strong player.  [He’s] smart, very smart.  He’s got some position flexibility and versatility.  Catches the ball very well, so we’ll see how it goes.”

Many young players have struggled in the Patriots’ system in recent years largely because of their inability to grasp it.  Moss was a player who understood it well and thrived during his career here, which is something they’ve been missing.  If Dobson can settle in, he could potentially be just the guy to come into New England and finally become a young impact receiver in their offense.

He already comes in with a reputation of being a guy who doesn’t drop a lot of passes, having not dropped a pass during his senior season, which is something he says he’s proud of.

“I definitely take pride in that,” Dobson told reporters during a conference call Friday night. “Me being a receiver, that’s what we do. That’s how we make our money so I definitely take pride in that.”

Another interesting note is the fact Dobson told reporters that “post-snap” adjustments are something he’s “familiar with”, which should be good news considering that’s been a sticking point for even the veteran players who have passed through here in recent years.  Given his physical attributes hopefully Dobson will start creating his own highlight reel in a Patriots uniform.

He also admitted that he had spoken to the team prior to the draft and had even visited Foxboro, saying that the team had shown interest.  Now here he is, starting his pro career catching passes from Tom Brady, which is something he’s looking forward to now that he’s a member of the Patriots.

“It’s an exciting time,” said Dobson. “Just to have the opportunity to play in the NFL and to play for a great team like the Patriots.”

“It’s just a blessing from the man above. I’m just excited to hit the ground running.”

If you’d like a taste of what this kid can do, check out the video below: