Tuesday’s New England Patriots Links 8/16

Ian Logue
August 16, 2011 at 9:52 am ET

After taking a quick trip at this morning’s headlines, Here are today’s top stories from around the internet.

Erik Scalavino of Patriots.com has practice notes from yesterday’s closed session, and writes that twenty-one players were not in uniform for Monday’s practice.

Greg Bedard has his daily briefing for this morning, outlining the schedule for the team this today.

Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald has quotes from Matt Katula regarding his missed snap from last Thursday night.

Rapoport also ponders whether or not Brandon Meriweather is on the trading block judging by the recent safety visits by New England.

Mike Reiss also writes that Meriweather appears to have fallen out of favor here in New England.

Jeff Howe of NESN has a good video segment on NESN.com on Tom Brady and Wes Welker who were starting to find their rhythm during yesterday’s practice.  There’s also more in the report leading up to Thursday night’s game.

Mike Petraglia of WEEI.com has more on Welker, who said yesterday that he’s still in his ‘prime’, and feels he’s in the best shape of his career.

Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald also has her take on Welker, and writes that no one has been able to cover him so far during camp.

Petraglia also writes that safety Patrick Chung hit tight end Aaron Hernandez so hard yesterday it left him seeing stars.

Guregian also has an article on Kyle Love, who got married this offseason and has worked hard so far during training camp.

ESPNBoston.com has a poll wondering which player should be in line for a contract extension.

Rich Garven of the Worcester Telegram wonders if the recent free agent visits really show that the Patriots are addressing a serious need at the safety position.

Mark Farinella of the Attleboro Sun Chronicle also ponders the safety position, and writes that the team isn’t settled in the secondary.

Garven also has an article on Ron Brace, who he writes may miss a full training camp due to the fact he’s still recovering from a torn ligament in his elbow.

Player Peronnel Director Nick Caserio addressed the media yesterday, and the Patriot Ledger has the full transcript of the interview here.

Monique Walker of the Boston Globe files her notebook, and mentions that Brady wasn’t expecting to sit out the Jaguars game last week.

Andy Benoit of the New York Times gives his take on the 2011 New England Patriots in this blog entry.

An interesting note for anyone following former Patriot Ty Warren.  According to the Denver Post Warren may have gone down with a serious triceps injury, and underwent an MRI yesterday to figure out the extent of the damage.

Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald writes that former Patriot coach Bill Parcells had some good things to say about Taylor Price during a recent interview.

Chad Ochocinco is apparently going to be tying the knot next summer, with the wide receiver reportedly set to marry ‘Basketball Wives’ star Evelyn Lozada down in Miami.

And finally, you may have heard about the controversial post by BartStoolSports.com owner David Portnoy, which had an inappropriate photo of Brady’s son.  Police apparently paid him a visit last night and asked him to remove it.

That’s it for now.  We’ll have more throughout the day so be sure and check back for updates.

  • Jack

    As a father of young children myself, I was more than happy to lend some of my time over the weekend to getting in touch with advertisers of David Portnoy’s blog to ensure they knew how their financial support was being used and allow them to make the choice of whether they wanted to be associated with such practices.

    While I don’t believe the photos themselves are considered pornography, the lewd and obscene comments of Mr. Portnoy, and even worse comments by some “stoolies” regarding sexual practices among 2 year olds certainly crossed many lines and combined with the photos, might indeed be illegal.

    I was very glad to see many of the advertisers send a loud and clear message that they find it unacceptable for an individual to post naked pictures of young children and obscene commentary without parental permission in an effort to profit. Mr. Portnoy claims to believe this is acceptable behavior, but most reasonable people know it is not.

    It would have been priceless to see David Portnoy’s face when he opened the door to see state troopers arrive!

    Additionally, Mr. Portnoy spent all day Monday chortling about his upcoming appearance on the Howard Stern show. Imagine his surprise when he discovered that Howard Stern too finds his use of the photos and commentary to have crossed ethical and legal lines!

    When Howard Stern thinks you’ve stooped too low, you’ve really hit rock bottom!

    Although most Barstool members who have criticized Mr. Portnoy have had their comments removed or been banned from the website (something even his staunch supporters consider quite cowardly), it is good to see that even some of the “stoolies” think David Portnoy went too far.

    The next person to attempt to profit by posting naked pictures of children on the internet without the consent of their parents will hopefully think twice and remember Mr. Portnoy’s experience

    Special thanks are in order to all who let their voices be heard in opposition to the exploitation of children, and to the person who started his own blog to call upon advertisers to take note of the controversy. http://boycottbarstool.wordpress.com/