Seau Officially Back With The Patriots

Ian Logue
October 13, 2009 at 12:36 pm ET

Ian Rappaport of the Boston Herald reported on Tuesday that Junior Seau has officially re-signed with the team.

While the deal has reportedly been coming for a while Seau, 40, has finally officially signed a contract which was first announced by Versus, the TV station that was airing Seau’s reality show.

“I’m very fortunate and honored to be involved with two class organizations – the New England Patriots and Versus,” Seau said in a release. “I want to thank the management of both for making my return to the NFL with the New England Patriots a reality.”

Check Out the Full Release Here.

  • USMC0311

    IAN!!!! This is torture…come back to Birmingham asap…this guy down here has tons of material to write about and is killing us with…well…crap! Any rookie with some passion could do better. He has improved a little since arriving and I withheld judgment as to let him get his feet wet, but I am disappointed daily. Your passion, enthusiasm, creativity, and most of all, RESPECT for your readers set you apart. You deserved the promotion to a larger market, but if you came back you could go down as one of those “legendary” sports writers down here.

    We miss you buddy!