Brady Throwing Passes, Welker Present

Ian Logue
September 3, 2009 at 7:36 pm ET

According to Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe, every player is dressed including Wes Welker and quarterback Tom Brady, who according to Reiss was throwing passes during the warmups.

It’s doubtful we’ll see Brady play, but the fact he’s out there on the field is certainly encouraging. We’ll have to follow this more once the game kicks off.

  • I’m ready for the season!
    You are right, the preseason has seemed to drag on but we are only a few days away now. I didn’t even watch last night as I figured the big guns wouldn’t be playing much, if at all.

  • Taelan Baylor

    Doctoring the balls doesnt give a particular competitive advantage so much as it allows the QB to throw with more comfort. Its not like plaster of paris gloves, or steroids, or stickum where the advantages are CLEAR.

    Rice is a clown. To say they cheated, then admit to stickum and say everyone did it is hypocritical. Pick one side, either they cheated and you did too or no one did.

  • James Rockford


  • Guest

    Jerry Rice ~ Lance Armstrong ~ Barry Bonds ~ A-Rod ~ Samy Sosa = Mark McGwire

  • JJBurke

    Best WR of all-time? *
    3-Time SB champ ***
    Biggest hypocrite in the NFL ( no asterisk needed)


  • talbott street

    Jerry = cheater

  • Mills

    NO Jerry – – – only CHEATERS used stickum

  • cloudcroft

    Cheaters use stickum , Jerry – – – – – you’re a morally corrupt cheater

  • clarendon

    Jerry “asterisk” Rice , tainted career

  • wilton

    Jerry ” the FRAUD ” Rice

  • mills

    ” all players ” = 49ers receivers

  • hatrack

    big time

  • kramer

    Jerry ” sticky fingers ” Rice …. all-time CHEATER

  • marlin

    49ers have a history of shady practices .
    They manipulated the salary cap and were fine heavily and lost 2 drat picks , manipulated the IR list , and Bill Parcells called Walsh a cheater for “equipment failure” during playoff games
    Jerry Rice’s cheating isn’t a shock , I would guess his WR teammates did the same
    Their SB’s are all tainted