If He Were 22 Again, Only Then Would I Pick Bledsoe over Cassel

Ian Logue
September 24, 2008 at 10:33 pm ET

After reading some recent posts on the messageboard about having head coach Bill Belichick calling former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe out of retirement to take over for Matt Cassel, I decided to take a moment to see what I could find on YouTube.com on Bledsoe.  I’m a Bledsoe appreciator who enjoyed the great run the team had back to relevency under Drew, and obviously I’m also obviously a Tom Brady fan.  I know those of us who can appreciate the two equally are a rare breed, but for those Bledsoe fans out there here’s a great video on the guy who helped bring this franchise back from the brink of oblivion until Brady came along and took it to the next level.
As for Bledsoe I’m sure he’s sitting back and enjoying life in the woods in Montana.  At his age and this stage in his life I’d rather see him retired than quarterbacking the Patriots.  But if Bledsoe were 22 again I’d love to see him (and Ben Coates for that matter) back on the field filling in for Brady while he recovered.
But I do live in the real world.  However that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the past.  Here’s a great video for anyone interested:

  • mike i

    Thanks for the clip and for the memories of Drew. People in New England forget how fortunate we were to get him. He was the first star player that people recognized outside the area. He was the face of the Patriots, and yes maybe he wasn’t Tom Terrific, he was a good quarterback and a better person. I will never forget what Drew Bledsoe means to this franchise. It makes me sick to hear people bash him on the radio. Tom Brady didn’t build Gillette Stadium, it was Drew’s teams of the 90’s that finally filled the place up for good. They forget in the late 80’s and early 90’s how depressing it was to be a Pat fan. I stayed until the end after Sunday’s loss to Miami. In a way, I wanted to remember what getting blown out felt like. We have been too spoiled and have no real right to boo this team. And while Drew is relaxing in Montana, I for one wouldn’t mind seeing a veteran presence back in the #11 uniform teaching another relative unknown how to go out there and sling it.

  • rosewood

    couldn’t agree with Mike more. Drew led this franchise out of the dumps and if it weren’t for pathetic special teams and Bill P’s selfishness Drew would have won that ’96 bowl and maybe would have 6 Championships by now. the Pats have to do something. they can’t just mail in this season – which is what they are doing by keeping this unqualified person at the helm. The team is completely deflated of confidence and seem like they’d rather stay home on Sunday than to go get embarrassed. Ian, would you really take Cassel over Bledsoe?? if so you completely discredit yourself as a sports observer. If Randy Moss could make Randell Cunningham and Dante Cullpeper look like superstars he’d make Drew look like GOD.