NFL Scouts Choose Patriots Brady Over Manning

Ian Logue
January 16, 2014 at 01:30pm ET

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While quite a few in the media seem to collectively praise Peyton Manning's season this year while overlooking what Tom Brady himself has accomplished to get to this point, it appears that there are football people out there who have taken the time to appreciate just what Brady's pulled off this season.’s Mike Freeman polled seven NFL scouts and one general manager to find out which quarterback they prefer. Brady was the overwhelming favorite by receiving seven votes:
I asked a group of eight people—all NFL personnel men, including scouts and one general manager—whom they preferred: Brady or Manning. They were guaranteed anonymity so as not to anger Brady or Manning.

The sample size is small, no question. Yet it is also instructive. My guess is these results would extrapolate across football.

The question was simple: Who do you think is a better quarterback, Manning or Brady? I emphasized that I was asking not who will be better in the future, but who is better now. Right now.

The answer was 7-1 Brady.

One of the biggest things that they've all acknowledged is over the course of each of their careers, Manning has had the advantage of who he's played with, whereas Brady has consistently won regardless of the cast around him.
Overall, there was a central theme among the voters: While Manning is a more physically gifted thrower, Brady is the better overall quarterback because he has done more with less.

This is the reason Manning gains more support as we go back in time. Brady has continued to win with less around him (mostly), a trend that has been consistent for much of his career (mostly). Manning has won less with more. He's more physically gifted than Brady and has also consistently had better players around him.

So there you have it.