“There’s really not ¬†too much to say here today. ¬†They did a better job than we did today. ¬†I thought that we had our chances, in the end the game came down to some red area situations that they did better in than we did. ¬†So that was really the point differential in the game. ¬†We’ve just got to go back to work. ¬† We’ve got to do a better job in all phases in the game. ¬†Hard fought game, but, they just…Bengals made more plays. ¬†Give them credit today.”

On his thoughts on how much pressure the Bengals got on Tom Brady today:

“Well, I think we really didn’t do a good enough job anywhere. ¬†Part of that’s the running game, part of it’s the passing game, we’ve just got to a better job all the way around. ¬†But I mean, they’re a good team, no question.”

On why his offense seeemed “out of whack” today and if he knows why:

“We didn’t perform well enough.”

On if it was just a matter of execution:

“We’ve got to coach better, we’ve got to play better, and Cincinnati’s good. ¬†I mean, give them credit, they’ve got a good defensive club.”

On if he has any word on Tommy Kelly’s injury:


On how he felt Danny Amendola looked in his first game back:

“I don’t know, I’ll have to go look at the film. ¬†I’m not sure.”