Here’s the complete transcript from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady during his post game press conference:

On the importance of the complimentary game plan they had:

“We ran it pretty good, so I think there was a lot of efficiency in the run game, all the backs ran hard. ¬†That’s a real strength for us. ¬†The backs and the offensive line, played really well. ¬†So it was really good to see. ¬†We had some long runs. ¬†We had some really important runs when we needed it. ¬†So it was nice to be able to do that.”

On the fact he had just nine attempts in the first half and if that was part of the game plan:

“Well, we only had three possessions in the first half, so there wasn’t… We scored twice, a touchdown and a field goal and the other time missed a shorter opportunity. ¬†Just was the way it was. ¬†That was the way the game kind of turned out. ¬†We slugged it out, and came to Atlanta, which is a tough place to play, they’ve got a very good team and it’s nice to win and be 4-0.”

On how much Kenbrell Thompkins has progressed:

“He did great. ¬†I mean, he’s done great since he got here. ¬†He’s really been an impressive young player. ¬†His attitude, his willingness to work, do whatever it takes, he’s been great. ¬†Really rare to see a young player step in with the kind of confidence that he has, and he played great tonight.”

On what happened on the fumble:

“Just poor execution. ¬†It shouldn’t happen. ¬†Just something we’ve got to work on obviously.”

On the fact they scored 30 points and if there’s still a lot they can do better:

“Well, we’re missing quite a few guys. ¬†So hopefully when we get them back, we’re a little more efficient.”