Transcript From Danny Amendola's Interview With Steve Burton on WBZ

Ian Logue
September 08, 2013 at 05:53pm ET

Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola was interviewed on "The 5th Quarter" by Steve Burton of WBZ following the Patriots win over the Bills on Sunday, and here's a transcript of their discussion:

Steve Burton: "Boy, what a game you had and it looked like when you got hurt, you were done.  You were on the sideline, holding your groin, the announcers were talking about, 'he's hurt, he's hurt, he's hurt' and all of a sudden, before you know it, you're back in the game..."

Danny Amendola: "It's a long game, it's a physical game, and it's a fight out there.  So just trying to make plays and move the ball as best we can.  I felt like we had a big day offensively to get in that field goal at the end of the game to win it and it's a testament to the coaches and players we've got here, so I'm excited."

SB: "You've got to give Buffalo a lot of credit, they fought you to the end..." 

DA: "Absolutely, they're a great ball club and we've been preparing for them for a couple weeks now and they fought hard and they have a bunch of great players.  It came down to the wire, and we came out on top so we're all excited about it."

SB: "Talk about some of the clutch catches you made, a couple times you had to reach really dig down deep and hold onto that football..."

DA: "Yeah, it's a testament to Tom [Brady] putting the ball on the money and the O-line and the guys around in the huddle, so it was a big win for us."

SB: "No question about that and now, you've got a short week, you've got to get ready for the Jets on Thursday..."

DA: "Yeah, that's what the NFL's all about.  We're excited to play in the next 3-4 days and we'll be ready."