Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola was interviewed on “The 5th Quarter” by Steve Burton of WBZ following the Patriots win over the Bills on Sunday, and here’s a transcript of their discussion:

Steve Burton: “Boy, what a game you had and it looked like when you got hurt, you were done. ¬†You were on the sideline, holding your groin, the announcers were talking about, ‘he’s hurt, he’s hurt, he’s hurt’ and all of a sudden, before you know it, you’re back in the game…”

Danny Amendola: “It’s a long game, it’s a physical game, and it’s a fight out there. ¬†So just trying to make plays and move the ball as best we can. ¬†I felt like we had a big day offensively to get in that field goal at the end of the game to win it and it’s a testament to the coaches and players we’ve got here, so I’m excited.”

SB: “You’ve got to give Buffalo a lot of credit, they fought you to the end…”¬†

DA: “Absolutely, they’re a great ball club and we’ve been preparing for them for a couple weeks now and they fought hard and they have a bunch of great players. ¬†It came down to the wire, and we came out on top so we’re all excited about it.”

SB: “Talk about some of the clutch catches you made, a couple times you had to reach really dig down deep and hold onto that football…”

DA: “Yeah, it’s a testament to Tom [Brady] putting the ball on the money and the O-line and the guys around in the huddle, so it was a big win for us.”

SB: “No question about that and now, you’ve got a short week, you’ve got to get ready for the Jets on Thursday…”

DA: “Yeah, that’s what the NFL’s all about. ¬†We’re excited to play in the next 3-4 days and we’ll be ready.”