Tom Brady's Post Game Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
September 30, 2012 at 07:05pm ET

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On the frustrating start and how the maintained their patience:

"Well, I think we realized that we had to execute a lot better than we were executing.  We talked about it on the sideline, we talked about it at halftime, in order to score points we just can't keep stubbing our toe.  So I thought we did a better job in the second half.  Obviously the turnovers were huge and to get those, the defense was really getting after them, that fumble before halftime was huge.  We were down 21-7 on the road, our backs against the wall, and I thought we showed a lot of heart.  That's what this team's made of.  We're going to battle to the end, I know that."

On after seeing his team get down 21-7 on the road after a loss that week if this helps him find out about this year's team:

"Yeah we lost two in a row.  You go on the road, our 5th or 6th on the road including the preseason.  So you've had two really tough losses, games that we expected to win, and then you come and you play against a team that we lost against last year up 21 points, and we showed a lot of heart.  There was a lot of adversity that we faced and I thought we did a good job really responding in the second half."

On if he can get a feeling now of how good his team can be:

"Well I think we're trying to make improvements every week and I'd say that's what we've done.  I mean I know we're 2-2 and it's not a great record, but I think we're getting better.  I think that's what we've shown and you've got to keep building on the good things and try to eliminate the bad things.  We're doing a good job in some areas, we really ran the ball really well tonight.  That was a big point of emphasis this week and you know, capitalize on some of their mistakes.

On if being down 21-7 if that went against conventional wisdom against running the football:

"Well, I think they were really challenging us to run the ball.  They had some little guys on the field with our big personnel groupings so at that point you have to try and take advantage of it.    You can't just keep throwing into a heavy pass defense.  So we ran it, Brandon [Bolden] ran great, Stevan [Ridley] ran great, [Danny Woodhead] made a huge play on the scramble for the touchdown that really got us started, so all those guys really contributed."

On how much is on him the last two weeks with the play calls with the crowd noise etc.:

"Well, I mean you're the quarterback so ultimately you have the last say before the ball is snapped."

"It's not your first year."

"Yeah, it's not and I've seen a lot of defenses and we've been in a lot of dogfights too and I thought our guys, the way they played, the way they competed...Wes [Welker], I mean what a game by Wes.  Brandon [Lloyd] really fought his butt off, that touchdown catch at the end was phenomenal.   Gronk, he really fought back after some tough plays there but [had the] big touchdown.  The offensive line played phenomenal with Logan [Mankins] out.  You know, Deion [Branch], Daniel [Fells], [Michael Hoomanawanui], everybody contributed.  So it was  really a great win for us as a team.  Obviously it only gets tougher from here, but we're proud of the fact that we really fought through some pretty tough times here  in the second half and came up with a big win."

On with Denver coming up if there's an extra degree of competitiveness when he sees #18 [Peyton Manning] on the other sideline:

"You know fortunately I don't have to go against him, that's really the challenge for our defense.  They'll put a good week of practice in, hopefully, and be prepared.  But he's one of the best to ever play so it's always an exciting game.   We've got a great history against Denver, recent history, and I'm sure it will be another tough game."

On what Mr. Kraft said to him on his way off the field:

"I don't know.  I think it was pretty personal."