Patriots Set to Have Free WiFi Available At Gillette Stadium During This Weekend's Opener

Ian Logue
September 10, 2012 at 03:38pm ET

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For any Patriots fans visiting Gillette Stadium on Sunday for the team's home opener, it appears you'll be able to enjoy free WiFi for the first time this weekend.

According to a press release sent along by the team earlier today, they have selected  Enterasys Networks, a Siemens Enterprise Communications Company to provide high-density Wi-Fi at Gillette Stadium, "ensuring high-speed wireless connectivity for fans at New England Patriots games and other events".  The company has overcome previous issues around wireless density and support for mobile devices at NFL-sized venues, which obviously is a challenge with 60,000 potentially logging on. 

“In-stadium, high-density Wi-Fi providing any guest with a rich internet experience is the next frontier for the NFL and it is something we have been researching for years,” said Jonathan Kraft, president of The Kraft Group and the Patriots and co-chair of the NFL Digital Media Committee. “We believe that well-constructed mobile applications – accessible through the Enterasys Wi-Fi network – will ultimately deliver content available nowhere else, truly differentiating the in-stadium experience from any other. After reviewing all of the available technologies, it became clear to us that Enterasys was the only viable technical solution for providing this service today.”

According to the release the entire installation took just over a month, but it looks like it's ready for fans to take advantage of it this weekend.  Although do us - and your team - a favor and try and yell a little while you're checking your mobile devices during the game.